Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Week 8 Photos - MTC

Fresh Nővér with a big smile and her
flight plans to Budapest, Hungary! 
Flight Plans . . . Salt Lake City to Dallas to 
London to Budapest!
A beautiful day at the MTC and some of the
Hungarian Sisters are enjoying the sunshine!
Another day of studying!!!
Still studying . . . Look at the "quotes" on the
blackboard!  Even Albert Einstein had a hard
time with Hungarian . . . Hahaha!!!
P-day chores . . .
Aimee + the MTC vacuum =
a Ghostbuster!!!
Fresh Nővér and the "baby Huns", 
the newest Hungarian Sisters. 
Fresh Nővér and her companions with some Finnish
sisters that left the MTC this week.
Fresh Nővér and her companions with the Albanian
sisters that left the MTC this week.
All the Nővérek (Hungarian Sisters) 
in front of the Provo Temple.
Sister Sexton and Sister Butterfield . . . "love them!!!"
The "sisters" with their zone leaders.
Fresh Nővér and Sorella O'Connor in their last picture
together at the MTC. They will see each other
again in the summer of 2015!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Week 7 - MTC

Broadhead Nővér, Fresh Nővér, and Falslev Nővér
are all smiles! :) 
The "threesome" pointing to the best mission in the
world . . .  Hungary Budapest!!!
Hungary . . . here I come!!!
Fresh Nővér in front of the map of the world. So
excited for the adventures that lie ahead!
"Carter Elder's birthday was on Sunday ... I made him a
crown ... It says king!" (In Hungarian the last name,
Carter, comes first and the Elder is last.) 

They say that when you have been in the MTC for too long certain 
things happen. Fresh Nővér sent these next four pictures and said, 
"We are getting wierd!!!"

Lord of the Rings portrayal of Gollum . . . "My precious"!
"My cave!"
Sleeping on the floor!
Working out while reading letters from home!
Sunday night temple walk picture with Sorella O'Connor.
It is great to be in the MTC with such
a good friend!!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Week 6 - MTC

Falslev Nővér, Broadhead Nővér, and Fresh Nővér 
dressed in Hungarian colors!
They love anything and everything Hungarian!
Funny faces ...   
Fresh Nővér with Andrew and Erica's wedding invitation: 
Sad that she will miss the wedding ...
But happy that they are getting married
in the Redlands Temple!!! 
Fresh Nővér and Sorella O'Connor in the 
hallway of the MTC housing building.
After being roommates for a couple of years
it is nice that Aimee and Kaitlin are only a 

couple of floors away from each other!
Hugs for a great friend!