Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week 78 - Győr

Sister Fresh wrote one simple phrase in her email today ...

"Alig várom... :)" [I can not wait - in Hungarian]. She also attached this photo of herself with her luggage, packed and ready to go.

Fresh Nővér making the
ASL sign for "I love you"

We also got a second email with the following ...

"mehhhh I forgot to sign my email with Fresh nővér... and well I have to because its my last time... so here goes.
sok szeretettel,
Fresh nővér"

After spending Wednesday in Budapest at the mission home, she will board a plane for London, then Dallas, and finally Ontario. While we have loved having her as a missionary, we also "can not wait" to see her again!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Week 77 - Győr

Fresh Nővér's email began with:
"This week was really good :) We had a lot of new people to meet with and work is going so much better, just in time for me to leave right. ahaha"
She mentioned several things that happened this week, but said the details would come when she gets home next week. For example:
"We witnessed a possessed csengő... like ask me about this one when I get home. It’s too hard to write about. ahaha"
"Our apartment got broke into. They didn’t take anything. I’ll have to explain this one when I’m home too. :)"
"We were tracting and a bácsi tried to give us money... we aren’t supposed to accept it so for about 10 minutes he was persisting and  I was resisting.... but finally he got really smart and put it in my belt and ran inside."

"The money from the bácsi in my belt..." ‏
"I think that’s what I will miss the most about being a missionary is just the crazy things that happen to you and the really funny stories that come from them."
She will also miss the many people who she has interacted with and who have touched her life. Here are pictures of two of the from this week:

Fresh Nővér and Marika néni

Fresh Nővér and Edit 
(a wonderful member of the Győr Ward) 

Fresh Nővér has loved her mission experience, the missionaries she has worked with, and especially Hungary, the culture and the people. This picture expresses how she feels as her mission draws to a close and she anticipates returning home next week.

"Heart torn in 2"
(One sock has the colors of the American flag
and the other on has the colors of the Hungarian flag.) ‏

Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 76 - Győr

From Fresh Nővér's email this week:

"Happy America day!!! I had a surprisingly great celebration here as we had a little birthday party for America with the youth. I made brownies and they were hard and burnt, but everyone said they liked them ... I swore off making them ever again but with all the compliments I think I might have to make them someday ... mehhh The party was super fun! We played American games and did American things. I got my face painted and we threw water balloons. Oh  so great!! We love America, and the biggest surprise of all was that night in the bel város, where we live, there were fireworks :) So crazy I didn't even know they loved America that much here!"

"We love America!" ... Fresh Nővér, Watson Elder,
and Williamson Nővér celebrating on the 4th of July.

"Face Paint with Goldie ...
She wanted hers to match mine!"

Fresh Nővér and Nelson, a ward member from
Portugal, at the youth party.

Other odds and ends that happened this week:

"There was a super cute kids festival this weekend in the bel város and I want to like bring my kids back here for that... They like closed down the whole island and some roads so that kids could just  run around everywhere!!! It was a childs dream. Everything was decorated really cute and was very colorful too :) I love this city."

"I'm a bad person ... I made a bácsi [old man] cry. We streeted a man and were just talking with him. I asked him what makes him happy and  he just started crying and walked away... i felt so bad. :("

"We streeted another man and he told me he could tell I was from America because my skin was so brigh .... its funny because I feel like I'm pretty tan right now. :(  hahaha"

"Also we were streeting and this néni [old woman] on a bike (seriously my favorite thing to see is nénis and bácsis on bikes) rides by and says, 'Excuse me ... I just wanted to say you two are really cute in your skirts' and other stuff like that. I guess she appreciated our modesty :)"

"We got a new kind of calling this week, primary chorister :) ... our good friend Edit asked us to help and so we just go in during Sunday School and sing with the kids :) Probably the best part of my week! :) Kids singing in Hungarian... talk about cute :)"
Last Fast Sunday:
"Yesterday was my last Fast Sunday here and so of course I wanted to bear my testimony. I felt fine about it and was ready to just get up there and not be emotional or anything, but right when I stood up to go and bear my testimony it hit me that I was leaving soon. I forgot everything I wanted to say to my beautiful Hungarians and I just like couldn't talk because I was fighting the tears. Basically, I just said a few things about loving  Hungary and all that. Then I sat down and bawled the rest of the meeting... It was the worst. All these little kids were staring at me and asking why I was crying. I think it was good to cry though, I have been wanting too for a while now but have been trying to be strong. I think church is the perfect place where you can just cry and no one can be mad... just blame it on the spirit or something, right?"