Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Week 1 - MTC

"I love it here!!!! Seriously, I am sure there is something wrong with 
me because I have not been homesick or sad or anything! I hope you guys 
aren't mad, but I don't miss home!!! The MTC is great!"

Fresh Nővér with her MTC companions, Broadhead 
Nővér on the left and Falslev Nővér on the right. 
In Hungarian the last name goes first and the 
Nővér, which means sister, goes last.
Fresh Nővér's desk with Preach My Gospel,
scriptures, pamphlets in Hungarian, flash cards,
notes, etc. ... lots of things to study!
Love that mail!!! Keep it coming!!!
The "threesome" ready for gym time!
Fresh Nővér and her friend who is going to Austria,
Sister Allman.
"They [my companions] really are great and
I am learning so much from both of them already!"
Fresh Nővér with her MTC District ... all of
whom are going to the Hungary Budapest Mission.
Many of the Hungarian missionaries posing for
a photo at the Sunday temple walk.
"It is crazy snowing here and we went to
the temple this morning and I felt like a
pioneer walking in the snow!!!"
"I know this is were I am supposed to be because I told 
Heavenly Father that I wanted to be happy, and I seriously am so happy! 
It was great confirmation that I am doing the right thing for me in my life right now, and I know that if I continue to trust in Heavenly Fathers plan 
for me I will be happy and taken care of!"

First Letter and Testimony in Hungarian

This letter was written the first night in the MTC.

Dearest Mom and Pa!

I am all settled in here at the MTC and I just love this place! The church is so organized it blows my mind. I am in a 3 some and have the two best cutest companions, Sister Falslev and Sister Broadhead, both from Utah! Sister Falslev is 21 and Sister Broadhead is 19!!  Hungarian is nuts and I laughed at my teacher when he started talking to me in it! I realized I have a ton more to learn than I ever thought, but that’s why they will keep me here for 9 weeks. There are 11 sisters and 5 elders in our Zone! Girl Power   ahha   jk. I am really happy to be here and am excited to learn! I love my name tag and I think it is one of my new most prized possessions.  I know dad would want to know this, so I had roast beef, mashed potatoes with gravy, and cooked carrots for dinner, with an apple and water! We eat dinner so early, I think I’ll lose weight   ahha. All in all, today was great, confusing at times, but great! It’s just such a happy place! Oh, my p-days are on Wednesdays, oh and there are so many 18 year old boys,  it’s really cool! . . . Well, I don’t really remember anything else about the MTC, but thank you so much for supporting me with my mission. I am so happy to be here and for all the adventures ahead of me! Oh and the biggest trial I faced today, was definitely putting my sheets on my bed  ahha! OK well I love you and will email you Wednesday! Thanks for everything!

Fresh Nővér

*Tell Kaitlin and Paige this place is the best and to not be nervous 

This was written on Fresh Nővér's first p-day when 
she had been in the MTC for 1 week. 

"Fresh Nővér" is the Hungarian way of saying "Sister Fresh", 
with the Sister following the last name. It is pronounced nu-ver.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Arriving at the Mission Training Center (MTC)

The day had finally arrived . . . Sister Fresh would report to the Provo MTC to begin her mission!!!  

Aimee got ready and packed her bags, we picked up Sherry and Josh, and then headed out. Our first stop was the Super Target in Orem to get her glasses adjusted and purchase a few last minute items. While in Target Aimee used her cell phone for the last time, shed a few of tears, turned it off, and gave it to me. A small sacrifice for many great blessings! 

We then went to Cafe Rio for lunch, at Aimee's request! The chicken tortilla soup was delicious on such a cold day. There was a family sitting across the restaurant with a daughter who was dressed in Sunday clothes with flats . . . another missionary! Aimee went up to talk to her and she was also entering the MTC to prepare to serve in the Norway Oslo Mission. 

At about 12:20 pm we passed the MTC on our way to the Provo Temple to take some last minute pictures. As we looked down the entrance to the MTC we saw a solid line of young missionaries in dark jackets waiting to welcome the incoming missionaries. It was a very impressive and emotional sight. The thought that kept coming to mind was that I am seeing the armies of Helaman! 

Here are some of the pictures we took on the temple grounds:

A reporter for the Daily Universe, BYU's student newspaper, approached Aimee, asked her a few questions, and took a picture of our family. They told us that this was the first week that 18 year old elders and 19 year old sisters were entering the MTC. They also said there were 4,000 missionaries who would be arriving today, the largest group ever!

 There was time for a few last minute words of advice from Dad . . . 

We drove into the MTC and were ushered to parking space #24. When we got out of the car there was a young missionary who was going to Brazil. He asked Aimee three questions . . . 
     Do you have your immunization records? 
     Do you have a cell phone? 
     Do you have any keys in your pocket? 
Her answers were yes, no, and no!!!  
He then took  her luggage and commented that she had less than most elders! We said heartfelt, but quick good-byes and Aimee walked away to begin her new adventure as a missionary. We were happy to see her turn back and wave at us with a big smile on her face! 

We love you Sister Fresh . . . May God be with you until we meet again!

Traveling and Good-byes

We left for the Long Beach Airport at 5:45 am and had to take the van because we had so much luggage! Sherry's flight was the same as ours so we were all traveling to Utah together! Aimee said good-bye to Andrew and Erica at the Airport, and to Kate and Noah, and Farryn in Lehi later on Tuesday afternoon. Ricky, Dallin, and Michael came to visit her in Pleasant Grove Tuesday night and gave her lots of tips for the MTC and missionary life in general. We were staying with Grandpa and Grandma Jensen so she said good-bye to them before we left for the MTC.

Saying good-bye to a missionary is always bittersweet . . . there is no place you would rather your child, grandchild, sister, aunt, or friend be than serving the Lord as a full-time missionary, but you miss the day to day involvement in their lives; their hugs, their smiles, their voices . . .  We love you Aimee!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sacrament Meeting Talk, Open House, and Setting Apart

Aimee's topic for her Sacrament Meeting talk
was "What are the roles of the Holy Ghost?"
Aimee spoke with Kaitlin O'Connor, her roommate
and friend who enters the MTC 2 weeks after she does
and will be serving in the Italy Rome Mission. 

Thanks to all those who traveled far distances to hear Aimee speak 
and/or see her set apart as a full-time missionary!

Grandma and Grandpa 
Grandpa Fresh

Uncle Bob, Katie, and Lauren
Ashley and Zoe
Aimee with her brothers Andrew and Matthew, and her sister Sherry.

We held an Open House so ward members and friends could say good-bye 
to Aimee and wish her well!

At 9:30 pm Aimee was set as a full-time missionary by President Norman, the Moreno Valley Stake President. Allyn, Grandpa Jensen, Matthew, and Andrew were all able to stand in the circle for the setting apart, which made it extra special.  Sister Fresh was given some great blessings and promises . . . We know she will be a great  missionary!

Brothers Andrew and Matthew, Aimee's Father Allyn, 
and Grandpa Jensen who stood in the circle when 
Sister Fresh was set apart.
Zoe, Paige, Ashley, and Kaitlin (roommates and friends)
were there to see Sister Fresh set apart.