Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Week 1 - MTC

"I love it here!!!! Seriously, I am sure there is something wrong with 
me because I have not been homesick or sad or anything! I hope you guys 
aren't mad, but I don't miss home!!! The MTC is great!"

Fresh Nővér with her MTC companions, Broadhead 
Nővér on the left and Falslev Nővér on the right. 
In Hungarian the last name goes first and the 
Nővér, which means sister, goes last.
Fresh Nővér's desk with Preach My Gospel,
scriptures, pamphlets in Hungarian, flash cards,
notes, etc. ... lots of things to study!
Love that mail!!! Keep it coming!!!
The "threesome" ready for gym time!
Fresh Nővér and her friend who is going to Austria,
Sister Allman.
"They [my companions] really are great and
I am learning so much from both of them already!"
Fresh Nővér with her MTC District ... all of
whom are going to the Hungary Budapest Mission.
Many of the Hungarian missionaries posing for
a photo at the Sunday temple walk.
"It is crazy snowing here and we went to
the temple this morning and I felt like a
pioneer walking in the snow!!!"
"I know this is were I am supposed to be because I told 
Heavenly Father that I wanted to be happy, and I seriously am so happy! 
It was great confirmation that I am doing the right thing for me in my life right now, and I know that if I continue to trust in Heavenly Fathers plan 
for me I will be happy and taken care of!"

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