Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First Letter and Testimony in Hungarian

This letter was written the first night in the MTC.

Dearest Mom and Pa!

I am all settled in here at the MTC and I just love this place! The church is so organized it blows my mind. I am in a 3 some and have the two best cutest companions, Sister Falslev and Sister Broadhead, both from Utah! Sister Falslev is 21 and Sister Broadhead is 19!!  Hungarian is nuts and I laughed at my teacher when he started talking to me in it! I realized I have a ton more to learn than I ever thought, but that’s why they will keep me here for 9 weeks. There are 11 sisters and 5 elders in our Zone! Girl Power   ahha   jk. I am really happy to be here and am excited to learn! I love my name tag and I think it is one of my new most prized possessions.  I know dad would want to know this, so I had roast beef, mashed potatoes with gravy, and cooked carrots for dinner, with an apple and water! We eat dinner so early, I think I’ll lose weight   ahha. All in all, today was great, confusing at times, but great! It’s just such a happy place! Oh, my p-days are on Wednesdays, oh and there are so many 18 year old boys,  it’s really cool! . . . Well, I don’t really remember anything else about the MTC, but thank you so much for supporting me with my mission. I am so happy to be here and for all the adventures ahead of me! Oh and the biggest trial I faced today, was definitely putting my sheets on my bed  ahha! OK well I love you and will email you Wednesday! Thanks for everything!

Fresh Nővér

*Tell Kaitlin and Paige this place is the best and to not be nervous 

This was written on Fresh Nővér's first p-day when 
she had been in the MTC for 1 week. 

"Fresh Nővér" is the Hungarian way of saying "Sister Fresh", 
with the Sister following the last name. It is pronounced nu-ver.

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