Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Week 3 - MTC

Fresh Nővér, Falslev Nővér, and Broadhead Nővér 
outside their Hungarian Language Classroom. 
Aimee made this flag for their room!
The "threesome" at the Language Training Lab ...
All smiles despite learning a difficult language!
"I have seen [Sorella O'Connor] quite a bit now!!!
Our meal times overlap and she gives her investigators
lessons in my classroom building!!! She is the best!!!"
 "I love seeing [Sorella O'Connor] and talking
with her! It's so nice to just have someone
that perfectly knows me already and gets me!
We start chatting and its hard to stop!!!
I am so glad she is here!!!"
Sister Allman, Sorella O'Connor, and Fresh Nővér,
all friends from BYU, and all serving in Europe!
Sister Allman leaves for Austria this week!
Aimee with Messinger Nővér and Fowers Nővér, 
two sisters from the other Hungarian MTC District.

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