Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Week 4 - MTC

Fresh Nővér's favorite possession ... 
her missionary name tag! 
Falslev Nővér, Broadhead Nővér, and Fresh Nővér 
with the OSI (missionaries going to Hungary and 
have been in the MTC longer than them) that are 
flying to Hungary this week.
The "threesome" with OSI Elder Thomas.
The "threesome" with OSI Elder Rae.

In her email this week Aimee said:
1.  The Language is a beast, and         
2.  I have been studying nonstop

A close up of this hard-working sister!
Still smiling despite all the studying!
Broadhead Nővér and Fresh Nővér are "tanulni Magyar"!!!  
(studying Hungarian)
With Sister Hutchings, a friend who
is going to the Canada Toronto Mission.
With Sister Hayhurst, another friend who is
going to the Canada Toronto Mission.
Rupart Nővér and Clawson Nővér also entered the MTC on 
January 23rd, but are in the other Hungarian MTC District.  
The "threesome" with the Zone Leaders!
The missionaries who will be serving in Hungary
 in front of the Provo Temple with the Hungarian Flag.
The Hungarian Flag ... These girls look
great in red, white, and green!

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