Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 42 Photos - Székesféhervár

This week was bittersweet for Fresh Nővér.  

The sweet:
An investigator committed to a baptism date.
The Elders' had a baptism this week.
There was a "cool" Halloween Party on Saturday.
She said, "We did a lot of really good work together ..."

The bitter:
"... and now I have to leave."
Fresh Nővér thought she staying in Székesféhervár for another transfer, but when the transfer call came she is being transferred to Vesprém.  
"I didn’t say goodbye to anyone because we thought I was staying."

Some of the missionaries and branch members
at the Halloween Party.
"My costume for the Halloween Party...
scary!" It is a bit hard to tell, but basically
she just painted eyes on her eyelids.
Her eyes are closed for this picture!
It is not Thanksgiving yet, but Fresh Nővér
is ready to dig into this Hungarian feast!
Broadhead Nővér and Fresh Nővér
with the elders investigator Audrey.
Fresh Nővér and Eszter smiling for 
the camera.
Fresh Nővér traded glasses with one of her
favorite branch members!

A little about the new city that Fresh Nővér will be serving in:

  • Vesprém is 75 miles southwest of Budapest, 29 miles west of Székesféhervár, where she is serving how, and has a population of about 62,000 people. 
  • It is one of the oldest urban areas in Hungary and is 9 miles north of Lake Balaton. 
  • Veszprém was among the first Hungarian cities to have a university - students studied law and arts here for several centuries. The university was destroyed by fire in 1276, and it became a university town again in the 20th century.
  • It also had an important religious role during the struggle to make Christianity the official religion of Hungary - Stephen I of Hungary defeated the armies of his chief opponent, Koppány, near Veszprém.

A photo of the castle district of Vesprém.

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