Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Week 51 - Veszprém

Fresh Nővér started her email this week with "Good morning family or should I should I say goodnight?!?!" (With the nine hour time difference when she was emailing on morning it was night in California!)

Transfer News: 
"I am leaving Vesprém ... I'm not mad about it though. I love it here but I am excited to start over. I just feel like I learned so much here in Vesprém so I am excited to go and share it with the world!  I am now going to Dunaújváros which is in the same zone, but a different city. I have been in this same zone for a long time now, since September!!! It’s okay though. There are two really old elders there, Elder Jones and Elder Nelson who are actually the Zone Leaders, so I will learn a lot from them I am sure.  It will just be me and my comp, Sister Sexton. She was in the MTC with me and is really sweet and very quiet. We actually went on splits a few times when I was in Buda with Sister Perkins. I think it will be really good :)" 

Some of the members who will be missed:

"Atilla and Zsuzsa Győr (son and mother)‏"
"Me and Krisztina‏!"
"The Pappék‏"

What a beautiful city:

"The view from my balcony."
"Vesprém is pretty‏!"

My Week:
"This week was interesting ... My companion got strep throat and so I had some extra study time. It was kind of hard because I was really excited to go to work and tract ... don’t know why but I was! ... We made it through and did go tracting eventually! Hahaha!"

"As far as the rest of the week … It was really good! We had fun, taught our investigators, and they are all doing well! We taught Pál, the man who lost his wallet, and it was cool because he still can’t find his wallet but he seemed a lot happier. We read him "Értékes Vagy" which is the Hungarian book of "You are Special” … the one about the Wemmicks. If you haven’t read it... DO IT!!!!  Anyways, it was really good and I just think he really needs to know that God loves him. I think as humans we often forget that. We think that God loves everyone else, and that the atonement applies to everyone else, but not to us. That's not true; God loves us all :)  My favorite part in the book says, "Ne felejts el, hogy nagyon értékes vagy mert én alkottalak és én sohasem hibázom." (Don’t forget, you are very special because I made you and I never make mistakes)  :)"

Thoughts and reflections:
"I feel like all of you said your past week was really simple and I think mine was too. Just being a missionary, trying to learn and grow every day, and be better! I think I've come up with the secret to being the perfect missionary! Hahaha! I am trying to master it but we will see. So here it is...

Be obedient, work hard, have fun, and LOVE the people.

I think it’s perfect because it’s balanced :) Maybe you all think I am crazy, but that is what I think would make the perfect missionary."

"I also feel like I have come to a lot of realizations this week ... like my life as a missionary isn't really my own, and  that I gave up my wants, wishes, and all that stuff for a year and a half so that I could give it all to other people. I feel like at the beginning of my mission I was just floating and was like 'Wow! This is pretty cool', but I didn't really understand that I wasn't just here to chill. I am here to help people, and in return I gain so much more than a year and a half 'vacation'. I don't know if that makes any sense, but hanks for letting me ramble … I just love it here and am excited to give my all and leave Hungary better than I found it :)"

Some time for fun:

"Swink Elder and I raced to see who could eat 
ice cream the fastest without a spoon ... I won :)
"I tried out the spa tub this week!"

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