Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 68 - Győr

In her email this week Fresh Nővér mentioned several investigators they are teaching the gospel to. She said that one of  these investigators has the desire to know that the church is true and "so we are praying strong and hard that 1. he will get the answer, but 2. that he will recognize the answer :)"

She also said, "We still do a lot of finding so that's fun ... really though we got kicked out of two building this week. Hahah! I think it's funny and always want to be sassy back to the nénis that kick us out, but I am kind so don't worry. Also, the best experience this week with tracking was when we were on splits. (Since we are in a 3 some we split up sometimes and so Sister Westover and a girl from the ward went to teach this lady, and Sister Erlandsson and I stayed and tracted and then taught Basel.) Anyway, on this split we were tracting before Basel's program and this little family opened the door. The cutest little boy came out and started to stab me with his sword, so I tried to trade him my freedom for some stickers. Well it kind of worked except that he stole all my stickers and then started to stab Sister Erlandsson. It was okay though because I got to talk to the mom while the kids were occupied and it was good. Unfortunately she doesn't want to meet with us ... but it was just like a little tracting blessing and tender mercy because this past week so many people have been slamming the door :( Hmm, but it's okay we work through it!"

"We got caught in a rain storm... I was soaked
through like I jumped in a pool or something."

As her mission is winding down Fresh Nővér has shared some of her feelings:
"I decided that I will miss Hungarian food. It's not always the best but it just makes me happy because it's Hungarian. I don't know, but I'm starting to get really sentimental ... I cry sometimes when I think about leaving Hungary. ... I already know that leaving Hungary will be way harder than coming here. Mehhh"

She ended her email with "Minden jót! Isten megáld benneteket." [All the best! God bless you.]

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