Monday, May 26, 2014

Week 70 - Győr

This was a big week for the Hungary Budapest Mission as they said good-bye to 16 missionaries who had served faithfully, and welcomed 17 new sisters and elders to the mission on May 20th. The missionaries were interviewed, had meetings, given their companion assignments, and left for their new cities on May 21st. 

The missionaries who have finished their missions
and are returning home.
Sister Fresh with some of the elders she has served
with who were going home.
The new missionaries with President and Sister Smith
at the Budapest Airport.

Sister Fresh told us about her new companion, or "greenie" as brand new missionaries are often called. "Her name is Sister Williamson and she is from Roy Utah. She is 19 and really nice. She is the 2nd oldest in her family of 5 kids, and she plays the viola and went to Utah State for a year. She is cool, really chill, and so that is nice. She is really down for anything. She is a good greenie :) oh and she goes running with me!!!"

Sister Fresh and Sister Williamson after
being assigned as companions.

"We got to go to Veszprém on Saturday for a stake activity and there were people there from 5 of the 6 cities I served in so I got to see a lot of people and they remembered me and it just felt like home away from home :)  It was so fun! We did all these obstacle things and Sister Williamson and I were on a team with the boys from Győr and it was so fun!!! Whenever her or I would do something right that earned us points they freaked out! Haha! I also got to see Pál and Gizi néni too :) I love them!!!!"

Sister Williamson and Sister Fresh eating
"some good lard bread" at the stake activity.

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