Thursday, July 17, 2014

Week 77 - Győr

Fresh Nővér's email began with:
"This week was really good :) We had a lot of new people to meet with and work is going so much better, just in time for me to leave right. ahaha"
She mentioned several things that happened this week, but said the details would come when she gets home next week. For example:
"We witnessed a possessed csengő... like ask me about this one when I get home. It’s too hard to write about. ahaha"
"Our apartment got broke into. They didn’t take anything. I’ll have to explain this one when I’m home too. :)"
"We were tracting and a bácsi tried to give us money... we aren’t supposed to accept it so for about 10 minutes he was persisting and  I was resisting.... but finally he got really smart and put it in my belt and ran inside."

"The money from the bácsi in my belt..." ‏
"I think that’s what I will miss the most about being a missionary is just the crazy things that happen to you and the really funny stories that come from them."
She will also miss the many people who she has interacted with and who have touched her life. Here are pictures of two of the from this week:

Fresh Nővér and Marika néni

Fresh Nővér and Edit 
(a wonderful member of the Győr Ward) 

Fresh Nővér has loved her mission experience, the missionaries she has worked with, and especially Hungary, the culture and the people. This picture expresses how she feels as her mission draws to a close and she anticipates returning home next week.

"Heart torn in 2"
(One sock has the colors of the American flag
and the other on has the colors of the Hungarian flag.) ‏

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