Monday, May 13, 2013

Week 16 Photos - Buda

Transfer Day...
"Transfer day was soooooo good!!! I love being able to see everyone!!! I saw all my friends from the MTC and that was the best. When I saw my old comps, I cried like a baby and I don't know why. I just seriously love all of these people so much, it was just so good to see them and know that they are doing well!!!!"

The last picture of Rupard Nővér. Fresh Nővér, and Mackay 
Nővér, who served together in Miskloc, on transfer day.
Rupard Nővér and Fresh Nővér with 
“matching comp items … I love this girl 
and will miss her so much!" Rupard Nővér
 is staying in Miskloc and Fresh Nővér
 is going to Buda.

First Week in Buda ...
"The Buda ward is really BIG! I was a little bit overwhelmed because there are so many new people and I have no idea who they are. Everyone is really nice though, and I am sure in no time I will be best friends with them all and then hate to leave them when the time comes. I really do miss Miskolc though, I just love the people there and don't know if I will ever get to see them again!! ... There is a big YSA group here too and they are really helpful and come to lessons with us all the time!!! Also there are 12 missionaries just in Buda because we have the APs and Secretaries, and then a bunch in Pest and Kispest so we have really fun times! ... Everything is good here in Buda and I am really happy!!!"

Fresh Nővér studying the Budapest 
subway routes. "Buda is great, the city 
is huge and I haven't really seen much 
of it yet."
This is the kitchen in the Buda 
apartment. It is really nice ... "no 
roughing it here in Buda!" 
This is the bedroom in the Buda 
apartment. "I have a bed now and 
it is really comfortable!" 
The Buda apartment is "directly across from
the Branch House, which is also the mission
home!" This is the living room.
Fresh Nővér and Falslev Nővér (one 
of her companions from the MTC and 
new companion in  Buda) behind the 
gate that protects their front door.
Behunin Nővér (her new trainer)
and Fresh Nővér 
in front of the Branch
House. The Branch 
House is another
name for the church 
building where
the Buda Ward meets.

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