Monday, May 27, 2013

Week 18 Photos - Buda

"This week I celebrated my 4 months mark as a missionary!!!! Can you even believe that??? I can't!!! Time is going so so fast, and it is a little too fast most of the time. We had a Palacsinta (Krepes) party to celebrate. :)))"

Here are pictures of some interesting things that happened this week:

It rains a lot in Budapest and this is Behunin Nővér,
Fresh Nővér, and Falslev Nővér after they got
caught in a rain storm! 
The "greenies" eating food that they "made all alone!"
Fresh Nővér asked for a couple of cookie recipes this week!

They also have something in Budapest called "Trash Day"! It is where "literally everyone takes their old junk and they put it in piles on the side of the road. So in front of our apartment, right outside of the door, there was a giant pile of junk." Every district in Budapest has a "Trash Day" twice a year where people get rid of the things they don't want on the sidewalk.

"We went and did some sight seeing today, which was great. I love seeing this beautiful city and just being a tourist for a little while!"

This is Behunin Nővér, Falslev Nővér,
 Fresh Nővér at Hősök tere, or Heroes
Square. The tall tower behind them is
called the Millennium Memorial and was
completed in 1900.
The figure on top of the memorial is the Angel
Gabriel who has the Holy Crown of Saint Stephen,
the first king of Hungary, in his right hand. 
This is Castle Vajdahunyad, located in City Park
which is the largest park in Budapest. It was
built for the millennial celebrations of 1986.
The castle is unusual as it was built with a variety 
of architectural styles. If you view it from one 
side you may think the structure is Gothic, but 
from another side it looks like a Baroque building. 
Falslev Nővér, Fresh Nővér, and Behunin Nővér, are
still in City Park in front of the 
Széchenyi Medicinal
Bath. Budapest abounds with natural springs and has
about 50 medicinal spas, baths, and public pools.
The only difference between this picture and the one
above is the two elders in the background. See below for
more information ...

They are Judd Elder and Hansen Elder who are also serving in Buda along with the three sisters. "We are having so much success here and have some really great investigators!!! I love it. We also have so much fun together and are just like a big family. We are really good friends with the Elders and they are always looking out for Falslev Nővér and I when Behunin Nővér leaves [to visit other sisters in the mission in her leadership role]."

Fresh Nővér with Panni. "I love her!!! She is so cool!
She really likes my style and tells me that I have a sense
of fashion! She knows how to compliment me right!"
Panni with all of the "Buda Sisters"!
The sisters took a 45 minute bus ride and walked
on a dirt road to get to meet István's family. This is
Fresh Nővér with his sister Roxane.
"István has a little sister, Roxane, and I love her!!!
She is really fun and so cute!" 
Walking on the dirt road on the way home
from István's home.

"When we were coming home from Istváns house last night, we took a bus that drove by the Duna and the Parliment, and it was so so beautiful. I am just so happy to be here, even though it is hard sometimes. I can't believe this is my life, but I am glad that it is :))) I love being a missionary!"

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