Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Week 15 Photos - Miskolc

This is Fresh Nővér and Kamilla. "We did some gardening
for a family in our ward and that was really fun. They fed
us dinner afterward and we had homemade pizza, and
it was so so good!!! ... We had FHE with them too!!! They 

were the cutest little family!!" The sisters were given 
flowers when they left!
These are the students in one of the English classes that
Fresh Nővér, Rupard Nővér, and Mackay Nővér teach.
The missionaries serving in Miskolc took half of their
p-day on Saturday so they could go to a professional
Hungarian soccer game with some members of the branch.  
They cheered for the Diósgyőri VTK, the home team of 
Miskolc. Fresh Nővér said : "It was pretty crazy!!! 
I am glad I got to go and experience it, but I think 
I am also glad I didn't understand Hungarian very well, 
because people were really really into the game!" 
After the game they went to the members'
home and had a Bar-B-Que Hungarian style,
called Szalonna Napsutés, or Bacon
"There are big chunks of bacon fat that are heated
over the fire and then spread on bread. You put
some onions or other vegetables on top of it!!!" 
This has been Fresh Nővér's last week in Miskloc as she
found out this morning that she is being transferred
tomorrow. "
I am going to be serving in... Buda!!!! So
I am back in the BIG city!!! I am really really excited to
get to serve there. " 
This is the "threesome" with some of the sisters in the
Miskloc Branch.
 Rupard Nővér will be staying in Miskloc
 Mackay Nővér is going to open up a new area. 

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