Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 20 Photos - Buda

The title of an article in the New York Times on Sunday read : "Hungary Braces as Danube Floods Parts of Budapest," so we were wondering if Aimee would say anything about it in her email this week. She said: "So many of you know that the Duna [Danube] is flooding... No, I am not dead, and my apartment isn't flooded!!! It isn't affecting my living at all, except that a few subway stops are closed. We live too far away from the river for it to do any damage unless there was like a river tsunami! Haha!  Some of the roads down by the river are covered and I guess it is really bad there." 

Fresh Nővér standing on the lower road next to the 
Danube River that is flooded in some places. This picture 
was taken from the Buda side of the river.
This is same street that runs next to the
Danube River as in the previous picture,
but taken from the opposite direction.
The Margaret Bridge is in the background
with the Parliament Building behind it. 
Water that has flooded the street running next
to the Danube starts coming up the stairway. 

"On Saturday we got to go and do some service. I guess there is something called sand bagging and that is what we did. I don't know if it actually worked, but I did some manly man labor for 6 hours! It felt good to do some service, but my body was hurting the next day on Sunday! The worst part is that we did a bunch of sand bagging and tried to make this great force field so the water wouldn't cover an island, and about 2 hours after we finished we had a giant rain/hail storm. I am pretty sure that everything that we did was in vain. It was still great to serve!"

Behunin Nővér, Fresh Nővér , and Falslev Nővér
on the bus to do sandbagging on Margaret Island,
which is in the middle of the Danube River. 
Behunin Nővér, Hardy Nővér , and
Fresh Nővér stop working long enough
for a picture. Love the "Mormon
Helping Hands" vests!!!
Fresh Nővér showing her "sand bagging" skills! 
Judd Elder and Fresh Nővér taking a well-deserved
break from their labors.  
Some of the missionaries that helped with the sand
bagging effort posing by the wall they have made.

The Hungary LDS Mission Website had a post about the floods that threatened cities along the Danube River. It said: "The situation became critical last week for many parts of Hungary when the Danube rose to almost 30 feet above its normal depth. Officials issued calls for emergency assistance."

Here are some of the missionaries that responded
to the call forming a sand bagging brigade.
"Missionaries in Budapest, Kispest, Erd, Tatabánya
and Győr offered their services and were put to work."

"We also got a new member of the family/companionship... (hahaha!!!) ... E.T.  This Wednesday is Behunin Nővér's birthday so yesterday we had a little surprise party for her, and the Elders bought her this stuffed E.T. thing. It is so creepy but so good, because she has always been afraid of ET!"

Happy Birthday Behunin Nővér!!!
Fresh Nővér with her new friend ... ET.
"Good time here in Buda with the Golden
District!!! I seriously love all these missionaries
so much!!!!!

Odds and Ends:

Fresh Nővér next to some street graffiti ... 
not sure what it means!

"How is it June??? Where has the time gone??? I am pretty sure I just submitted my papers and now I am almost a 3rd transfer missionary!!!!! I won"t be mad if time slows down a little bit."

"I know that the secret to happiness is really turning outward and focusing and caring about others more than yourself. "

"I love being a missionary! I love the people and the land of Hungary!"

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