Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 22 Photos - Buda

"I have been a missionary for 5 months ... can't even believe it!!!! Time goes by so so quickly out here!"

Wednesday was "Transfer Day" which is always bitter-sweet. You are losing friends you have been working with and love (they have been assigned to a new area), but your are getting new missionaries to work with (they have been assigned to Buda) that you know you will grow to love also. Another nice thing about transfers is "I got to see all of my mission buddies who were serving in other areas, and I got to say goodbye to my trainer who is now home!!!"

One last photo of Behunin Nővér, Fresh Nővér, and Falslev
 Nővér at the station on Transfer Day before Falslev Nővér 
leaves for her new area.
Judd Elder and Fresh Nővér traded glasses ... he is being
transferred to another area, but his cousin, also Judd Elder
is staying in Buda! 

And then there was a visit from a friend and wonderful member of the Miskolc Branch:  
"Edina from Miskolc came to visit!!!" Both Behunin Nővér
Fresh Nővér served in Miskolc earlier in their missions.

A favorite quote that Fresh Nővér shared this week:

"Regardless of our circumstances, we must... go forward with faith and prayer, calling on the Lord for His sustenance and direction. We will discover, as the years pass, that there has been a subtle guiding of our footsteps in paths of progress and great purpose."  by Gordan B. Hinckley

Her comments on this quote:

"I know this has been true in my life! As I look back I can see how the Lord has not only been a part of my life, but has also helped me to have experiences that have taken me to the point I am at now ... which is serving as a missionary! I am so happy that I am here and that my life really does have a purpose. I know all of our lives do when we rely on our Heavenly Father and his plan for us!!!"

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  1. I can't believe it's been 5 months already! Just a little over a year to go...