Monday, June 3, 2013

Week 19 Photos - Buda

This week "I went to Kecskemét (Behunin Nővér's last area) for a baptism. This was really cool, because it was Falslev Nővér's first time leaving the city, my first Hungarian baptism, and we got to travel and see our old MTC companion Broadhead Nővér! It was so fun!!! I love traveling, taking trains, and all of that! I loved seeing this cute little town. I love Hungary and meeting all the people in all the different cities!" 
Behunin Nővér , Fresh Nővér, and Falslev Nővér
on the train to Kecskemét.
They work hard but the "sisters can have fun too!!
... and more fun!!!
Fresh Nővér at the Kecskemét train station. 

Kecskemét lies in the middle of Hungary, in the Southern Great Plains Region  between the Danube and Tisza Rivers. It is the 8th largest city in Hungary and 86 kilometers south of Budapest.

The most important thing, of course, was the baptism.
It is always a joy to witness someone entering the waters
of baptism and making sacred covenants with the Lord. 
Lunch in Kecskemét looks pretty Americanized ... Fresh 
Nővér has chicken fingers and french fries with catchup!
The House of Science and Technology in 
Kecskemét. was originally a synagogue, built 
in 1871. It was damaged by World War 2 
bombing. and restored i1978 as
conference center.
Smiles and funny faces on the streets of  Kecskemét.

Other interesting bits and pieces from this week:

"My bed broke, but I fixed it!"
"With a street performer" in Budapest.
"Teaching the Plan of Happiness" ... if you
look closely you will see that the words are
in Hungarian!  

Speaking of happiness ... Fresh Nővér said "I think it is important to find joy and laughter and happiness in each stage of life. I am grateful for ... all the happiness I have felt while being a missionary."

Fresh Nővér and Hardy Nővér ... good friends!
"Tabling" has been  mentioned in several of Fresh Nővér's
emails, and this is a picture of her and Behunin Nővér
"tabling" last week in the "freezing cold."

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