Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 30 Photos - Buda

Missionaries do a variety of things to make contact with people in the place they are serving. One of the most common things they do is "tracting," where they go from door to door and try to get people to listen to the message they have about Jesus Christ and his Restored Gospel. While she has not done much tracting, Fresh Nővér has mentioned "tabling" where they set up a table with a poster and phamplets on a busy sidewalk and engage people in conversation as they walk by. This week she tried a new method for contacting people which is called "chalking." This is what she said about it:

"This week we went “chalking”, which was really fun! It’s like a creative way to find! ... Basically we just draw a big world and asked a question like “Why are we here?”, and then people stop and look at it and we talk to them :)" 

The artists at work ...
"A Föld" means "the earth" in Hungarian.
This is the Hungarian version of 2 Nephi 2:25
"Adam fell that men might be;
and Men are that they might have joy."

Not all missionary work is as fun as drawing pictures on the sidewalk with chalk!!!

Fresh Nővér laying on her bed completing
the "area bookwork!"

"We had Zone Training this week and it was fine, but the cool thing that happened was for our role play they had us just go out with our companions and street for 20 minutes and well we found a little family. It was cool because we walked past them and then both turned to each other and said we should go talk to them.... and so we did and we set up to meet with them the next day and it was really great!!! It is a mom and her 3 kids :)))"

One of Fresh Nővér's favorite people ...
her companion Perkins Nővér! One day they
 both dressed in "animal prints!"

With regards to the fact that she will eventually be transferred to another area, Fresh Nővér said:
"I have really mixed feelings about it ... I LOVE Buda so much!!!!  ... The only real thing that I will completely miss is the people … like Panni and Kriszti and all of our investigators."

"Roxi and I... I love this little girl :)"
Fresh Nővér and Panni, one of her wonderful
investigators and good friends. They both
have "style" and lots of fun together!

"Well, all in all my week was really great! I love being a missionary. I love my life here. I love my companion. I love how I am always laughing. I love my investigators and missionary friends. I love you all but I don’t ever want to come home! Haha! I realized this last week that I only have 5 transfers left (because we are changing to 9 week transfers) and that just sounded like way too short an amount of time... Mehhhhh!  If I run away and never make it home, don’t be too mad!!!! Hahaha!

Well... I love you all so much!!! Thanks for the support and emails and letters and everything!!!!! I miss you all but not too much! I’m too happy for that kind of missing!"

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