Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 31 Photos - Buda

August 20th or St. Stephen's Day or Szent István ünnepe marks the greatest national holiday for Hungarians. It commemorates the foundation of the Hungarian state and includes day-long festivities that end with fireworks in the evening. This is what Fresh Nővér had to say about it:

"Tuesday was a big holiday here in Hungary, like the 4th of July for us.... It was really great! We played some sports in the park with the elders and then ate some food, played games at the branch house, had a really good district meeting, and then we got to watch fireworks along the Duna!!!! There are 7 bridges on the Duna and they lit off fireworks from each of them. We were on the Buda side by the chain bridge and it was so amazing!!! I know none of my pictures or words will ever give it justice ... That night when we were watching the fireworks and then later walking around the city I was so completely happy that I was here and a missionary and am glad my life is how it is right now! So thanks to all of you who supported me and encouraged me ... "

Playing games at the branch house on St. Stephen's Day.
Fresh Nővér's photo of the fireworks over the Duna from
the Buda side of the river. You can also see fireworks on
the side of the Chain Bridge in the foreground.
Since she said her photos did not do the fireworks justice,
this is one from the internet that was taken from the Pest
side of the river with Buda Castle underneath.
The Buda District walking around the city
after the fireworks show.
Perkins Nővér and Fresh Nővér in front of the Duna
 and the Chain Bridge after the fireworks show. 

She said "I love Hungary ... It is so beautiful!"

"... My life is great because of Hungary and the people and friendships I have made on my mission!!!! Speaking of people, Panni is the best person in the world! She told us yesterday that she wants to move her baptism date up to the end of September or October!!! :))) "

"Panni and her favorite missionaries .... ahahah"
"Love these little ladies :)"
"Betti is back!!!"

A little missionary fun ... Has Fresh Nővér discovered a long lost relative or is she wanting to be the next model on this billboard?

Neither ... regarding this photo she said
 "I'm weird!!!"

"I had an interview with President Smith on Thursday and it was really good. I wrote up a proposal to see if sisters could wear sandals and it went well. He thought it was super funny and was like cracking up the whole time he was reading it and I don’t know if we will get to wear them, but it made a good time for us in my interview."  

Change is is the air ...

Because she has been in Buda for so long and the 9 week transfers start next week, Fresh Nővér suspects that she will be transferred to a different area. She said "It’s crazy because they never prepare you for these kinds of things happening on your mission. Like no one told me how much change and heart break I would experience as a missionary. They always just say the language or missing home will be hard but that’s nothing compared to leaving people, and not only leaving them but trusting them with other missionaries. ... Missions are hard in ways I never knew they would be."

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