Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Week 28 Photos - Buda

Last week on p-day some of the missionaries visited the Cat Café. According to Google: "While the idea of sharing a restaurant with 15 cats might not thrill everyone, for feline lovers the Cat Café, which opened in [Budapest] in February, is a revelation. The cat café trend, which first took root in Japan, has made its way to the European continent and enjoys increasing popularity." 

"We went to the Cat Café... yea this is a real thing
... and yes I do hate cats!!!"
Really strange to see a cat relaxing in a
restaurant! In the background you can see the
equipment for the cats to play on.
Fresh Nővér snuggling with one of the cats ...
even though she is really a dog lover!!!
The cakes and other treats are decorated
to look like cats or cat paws.

Transfer Day ... Meeting old and new friends at the bus station in Budapest::

Butterfield Nővér and Fresh Nővér posing with some of
the Elders on Transfer Day. "I love these people so much!!!"
Fresh Nővér and Butterfield Nővér ... "I will miss her!"
"Rupard Nővér ... Love my co greenie :)"

After Transfers ... "I am still in Buda and am now with Perkins Nővér! Things are going well, we have a lot of fun together. It definitely is different being in a two-some [Aimee has been in a three-some until now] but it is ok!!! ... I feel like my Hungarian is going to improve a lot this transfer because I will have more chances to talk because I only have one other companion!"

Perkins Nővér and Fresh Nővér
Fresh Nővér and Perkins Nővér  with a
street performer in Budapest!

Saying Good-bye to Behunin Nővér ... "Sister Behunin left [to go home] on Thursday morning and I took her across the street to the Branch House and sent her off at like 5:30 am. It was really sad and I was a little bit depressed that morning. I was actually holding back tears all morning and had a little bit of a melt down ..." 

Behunin Nővér and Fresh Nővér in front
of the Branch House in their
first photo together in Budapest!

"I  love being a missionary and serving here in Hungary... I have met some of the best people and just love them all so much!! It’s  so nice because I have so many people here that care about me and are like my family, so you can know that I am in good hands :) "

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