Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 39 Photos - Székesféhervár

"So guess who has been a missionary for 9 months, ME!!!   It is crazy how fast time is going.  I remember when I first entered the MTC and now I am a real live Hungarian missionary and it’s just crazy. The craziest thing is just thinking back to what I was doing at this time last year and now I am actually living this life. It’s cool though! I love Hungary and so I’ll stay for 9 more months! ... Tomorrow will be a pretty monumental day for Broadhead Nővér and I  :)"

"This week was pretty cool because there was a baptism, not ours but the elders! It was a super cool guy named Gyula and he is so rendes (classy) ... It was crazy because he was baptized in a pool so I was sitting on the tile stairs at this indoor pool with pool floaties all around me and a tanning bed. It was just wild! He looked so happy ... A little 8 year old girl was baptized too!"

At the baptism!
Missionaries and members at the "After Baptism Party"
... a happy time!

Some odds and ends from this week:

"We had a cool experience tracting the other day.  We went out early and the first door we knocked on this really cute girl answered and was totally interested... It’s cool because that never happens. People don’t really love religion here, especially the young people. So it wNővéras cool, especially because all of the other doors were crazy people and we got yelled at twice and kicked out by a néni [aunt] :)"

The caption with this photo was "city dinner :)"
and it looks like the elders are doing the cooking!
Fresh Nővér and Broadhead Nővér with Kitti,
their friend in Székesféhervár.

A couple of weeks ago I asked Fresh Nővér for photos of her apartment in Székesféhervár, which she said was really nice. So here they are:

The living room ...
the kitchen ...
and the bedroom.

I also asked Fresh Nővér what her favorite Hungarian foods were and they are "rakott krumpli, paprikás csirke, pörkölt with nokedli, and lecsó. ... I want to make them all for you when I get home so we should have a big family party and I’ll just make a bunch of food and we can try all of it."

rakott krumpli - potato and egg casserole
paprikás csirke - chicken paprika, a Hungarian stew
pörkölt with nokedli - a meat stew often served with rice
lecsó - “Hungarian ratatouille,” consisting of a
stewed mix of peppers, tomatoes, and onions. 

An update on the Hungarian:

"I love English ... but I also love Hungarian :) Okay, so we had a program yesterday and first of all it was cool because it was an RCLA program, and then lady called us a little bit before and said that she had a  friend who wants to hear about the church so she wanted us to come to her house instead... of course that is like the best thing ever for a missionary. Anyway, we talked with them for an hour and half in all Hungarian, and there was only one thing I didn't really understand! It was so cool to be able to understand everything! It’s the craziest thing because it’s not like I hear in my head English words or anything, but it’s just like I know what they are talking about! Hahaha! It was cool! So Hungarian is better, harder some days, but I am feeling that it is coming along... so thanks for the prayers and keep them coming :) The funny thing is after our program we went to get dinner because we had no food at home and had not been able to go grocery shopping yet, and while I was ordering the guy asked me something and it was like the simplest thing but he said it weird or I was getting cocky. Hahaha! I don’t know, but I didn't know what he was saying and then he spoke to me in English. It was so funny because I had just told Broadhead Nővér that I understood like everything but then I didn't understand the simplest thing! Hungarian is crazy!"

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