Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 37 Photos - Székesféhervár

Fresh Nővér's email was titled:  "Misszionárius vagyok‏" [I am a missionary] and she started out with ...

"A kedves családom," [My dear family]

"Hogy vagy? [What's up?] Sorry, I just wrote an email to a member from Buda who is going through the temple next week and so I am in the Hungarian spirit!  …  I love talking to members in other cities :)"

"Conference was so cool. I loved it all :) I just want to be better because of it!!! I am really sad there aren’t more temples that were announced, especially not in Hungary :( Someday though there will be one … I know it!!! I think I received answers to my Conference questions, so I hope you all did to :))"

Fresh Nővér is excited about watching
General Conference on the laptop!

"I realized in one of the talks I heard in Conference yesterday that my mission is actually really selfish, and I am sure I am gaining more and being served much more than what I am actually doing for others. It took me back to last summer when I was in Romania and how I thought I was going there to help these kids and that I was really a cool, selfless person for doing that. In reality I was the one who gained so much more from all the experiences I had than I ever gave back to the kids that I loved so much. Anyways, I feel like my mission is similar, because the people who accept the gospel are really prepared and I just lead them to it. They really do it all and always show me or teach me something."

Aimee with her roommates ready for work at
the orphanage in Yasi, Romania.
Doesn't she look cute in her scrubs!

Fresh Nővér gave us updates on her wonderful investigators: Niki, Gabor, Szabolcs, Maria, and Erzsébet. She loves teaching them, and sharing her testimony of the gospel and the Book of Mormon. They ask great questions and are prepared in many ways to to hear the word of God. She has felt the spirit when meeting with them and felt inspired to share certain scriptures during their lessons. She said "missions are cool... we should all go on one :)"

"So …  this week as always, I had a lot of fun too :) First of all, on P-day we went to a castle and then after we found a cornfield and we ran through it :) Hahaha … why not?"

Bory Castle was built by Hungarian sculptor and architect
Jeno Bory with the help of several of his students
between 1923 and 1959.
Fresh Nővér, Bennett Elder, and 
McKissick Elder climbing up the 
stairs to the castle tower. 
A view of the castle from the tower. 
Fresh Nővér and Broadhead Nővér on the top of the tower.
They have been accused by a couple of outspoken
Hungarians of gaining lots of weight since they arrived
in the country, and this statue on the Bory Castle
grounds reminded them of that!
Fresh  Nővér in the corn field.
Hiding or just having fun?
Squirt guns???

Signs in Székesféhervár that Fresh Nővér and Broadhead Nővér saw this week:

Not sure what the red line means ...
but these sisters love Székesféhervár
where they are currently serving!!!
Welcome to Székesfehérvároni!!! 
It was called Alba Regia in the middle ages. 

"Okay, so yea my life is good, Hungarian is still hard, and sometimes I stay awake thinking about lessons in Hungarian and how to say something and all that jazz... but it is getting better, and it is coming. ... Thanks for the love and prayers and everything else, it helps.

"I love you all and am so glad I am a missionary and that you are my family. Remember God loves you and always wants to help you, but first you must turn to him. Also, remember that he has  plan for each of us and in the end when we look back we will be able to see it and how perfectly it has worked out and how happy it has made us. If you don’t believe it look at me … my life went a different way than I thought and I’m really happy! So it’s the truth :) Trust God!!!

"Ok szeretettel, [With love,]

"Fresh Nővér"

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  1. The red line means you are leaving the place on the sign.