Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 40 Photos - Székesféhervár

From Fresh Nővér's email: 

"This week has definitely been CRAZY. So many train rides, bus rides, and metro rides. I am not going to lie though, I love my life. It's going to be weird going home and not having to walk thirty minutes to a train station and then actually taking the train somewhere. But, nevertheless we had a wonderful week that passed  by so, so fast."

This Wednesday (November 23rd) was Fresh Nővér's halfway mark  as a missionary  and she had a great day! 

"Wednesday was my HALFWAY! We headed up to Budapest for splits with Sister Westover and Sister Perkins. We also met up with a few of our mission friends at the train station to say goodbye because they were going home to America. I have made so many good friends on my mission and I am so grateful for every single one of them … It just stinks to see them leave. ... I split with Sister Westover. They are supposed to help us and strengthen us , and it was really good. They know that the language is hard for me and so it was nice because they gave me lots of good encouraging words. We had a program with Panni on Wednesday and it was the best thing ever :) She is so cute and still loves me, and she was wearing the shirt and headband I gave her... It was so cute :)"

"Thursday I split with Perkins ... I love Perkins and am so glad that we got to serve together! ... We had  a District Meeting and it was cool to be back in my old district with all my Buda friends :)"

Panni and Fresh Nővér ... wonderful friends!
Westover Nővér, Perkins Nővér, Panni, Fresh Nővér,
and Broadhead 
Nővér enjoying each other's company
in Budapest!
Giving out "Pass Along Cards" with Headrick Elder
at the bus station .

Fresh Nővér and Broadhead Nővér went back to Székesféhervár Thursday afternoon to teach their English Class. 

"After class we had dinner at member’s house and it was so, so, so typically Hungarian. The kids were so funny, and so crazy! Pictures will be sent. We had soup, with almost every part of the chicken in it. Then, we had pasta with poppy seeds and sugar. :) After we ate the two little girls dragged us into their front room and did our makeup and hair. I had lipstick all over my face, but they were so cute. I feel like I am their big sister, they don't have a lot of young women roles (since there is only one young woman) and I think we play a big role." 

The elders and sisters serving in
Székesféhervár enjoying an authentic
Hungarian dinner!
Chicken soup ... Hungarian style!
Fresh Nővér enjoys spending time with one of the girl ...
With all three children ...
the girl in the back was baptized last week!
Love the make up ... what beautiful girls these are!

"Friday, we headed to Veszprém for our areas District Meeting ... One of the things we talked about was what one thing we would change in the world if we could. I said that I would want to make sure that everyone knows that God loves them, and that they are important no matter what they look like or what the world finds important. We then took those answers, and our goal was to use them in our streeting and finding this coming week."

"Sunday … This was probably one of the best days of my life!!!!!! We had Stake Conference in Budapest (Yes, another trip to Budapest!) I  got to see so many people I love :) and the city I love and so many missionaries were there! I was really spoiled this week with trips and friends and everything good :) Also,  when we got back to our city the elders had made us dinner :) Hahaha!!! "

With Panni at Stake Conference in
Budapest!!! They like to make funny faces!

"We have another fun week ahead of us... back to Budapest for Zone Conference and hopefully a baptism!!!"

Fresh Nővér

I don't know exactly when this was taken, but it looks
like Fresh Nővér will be warm for winter with this hat!
It was posted on Facebook by a Hungarian friend!

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