Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 71 - Győr

In her email Sister Fresh said, "So this week I was a little sick and that was lame because I haven't been sick the whole time I have been a missionary and I told someone that and then the next day I get a cold! It was awful because you can't just rest, you just work through it, but i slept through lunch and that was good. I feel better now and am glad it was just a runny nose."

She also reported that, "Our week was good." And, "I love my greenie. She is cute and sweet.  She is so good at just trying anything and just goes for it :) I feel like such a proud momma :)" 

Some of the things they did (besides teaching programs to their investigators and tracting) were:

"This week Sister Williamson and I did some cultural activities ... we took a train tour around the city and I ended up paying for these two German ladies because they didn't have a forint [the Hungarian currancy] and they couldn't communicate with the train driver. After the train ride the driver was really interested in why we paid for them. So we talked to him about our church and how we are missionaries and just do nice things sometimes. He let me sit in the drivers seat of the train and that was so cool. We also went to an organ competition. Honestly it was kind of boring and not a competition because the same lady played all the songs, but hey we are cultured!"

Sister Fresh and Sister Williamson on the train.
Sister Fresh driving the train ... toot, toot!

"Sportnap was really fun this week, our teams were really even in skill and so we were tied up until the last point. My team lost, but I scored the first goal [soccer] in my whole life ahaha success!!!"

"Other than that we taught Relief Society on Sunday and it went well. It was on receiving revelation and the Holy Ghost.  Also, I only have one Fast Sunday left... weird mehhhh  I will for sure be bearing my testimony then, and crying."

Sister Fresh next to a sign ... on the top
sign the word "Magyarorszag" means
Hungary and the bottom sign is one of the
Hungarian flags. 

"Other than that nothing too crazy happened, just life as a missionary, so good. I love it :) "

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