Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Week 10 Photos - Arriving in Budapest/Miskolc

Fresh Nővér's first view of Hungary! It snowed 
the first couple of days she was there.
All of the missionaries who just arrived in Hungary at 
the Budapest Airport with President and Sister Smith.
So tired after the long flight . . . The first
night they got to sleep in the mission home!
The number of sisters in the Hungary Budapest Mission 
went from 16 to 27 with the arrival of their group. 
This is all the sisters currently serving, plus two who had 
finished their missions and were flying home the next day.
This is at the new missionary assignment meeting, 
where the "greenies" were given their first 
companion and city assignments.
Fresh Nővér with her first companions in Hungary,
Rupard Nővér, who was in the other district at the

MTC, and Mackay Nővér, her trainer.
"I am serving in a city called Miskolc, and It is the
4th biggest city in hungary and I love it here!!!"
Miskolc is in the northeast part of Hungary.
Miskolc reminds Fresh Nővér a lot of Romania. 
The ugly, square buildings in the background 
are "communist era" apartment buildings.
This is the bedroom in Fresh Nővér's apartment. 
She is on the air mattress in the middle.
Fresh Nővér's desk is on the right. I sent her a bunch of
photographs of family and friends this week and she
plans to tape them all around her desk.
An "awesome" sister from the Miskolc Branch at the church 
building on Easter Sunday. It was Fresh Nővér's first Sunday 
in Hungary and she bore her testimony in Hungarian!
With the daughters of the family they ate Easter
dinner with. She said, 
"I love this family and they are so 
kind and patient with me and my lack of Hungarian! " 
With one of the daughters . . . everyone in
the family is a member of the church!
 A picture of DiosGyőr Castle which they visited on P-day.
Door knocking at the DiosGyőr Castle, 
but no one answered!
Fresh Nővér and her two companions at DiosGyőr Castle.
The "Armies of Helaman" wielding their 
"swords of truth" at the DiosGyőr Castle.
When Fresh Nővér saw this she said, "so much VIVA!"
 Viva is a cereal in Romania that she loved!

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