Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Week 11 Photos - Miskolc

Fresh Nővér and her trainer MacKay Nővér!
The Miskloc "threesome" on their way to Budapest
to watch General Conference and attend a new
missionary training meeting.
A view of Budapest.
Another view of Budapest.
Fresh Nővér and Rupard Nővér with 
Budapest in the background.
It is not illegal to climb on statues in 
Hungary, so the sisters decided to get to 
know this Hungarian fellow better!
This is a bakery in Budapest. Fresh Nővér was excited to see 
it because the word "Friss" means "Fresh" in Hungarian!!!
Fresh Nővér with Carter Elder, a good friend from the MTC, 
after a District Meeting. They are in front of a "graffiti cave"!
The Miskloc Sisters trying to look tough 
inside the "graffiti cave".
Fresh Nővér going face-go-face with one of the 
gangsters on the wall of the cave.

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