Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Week 9 Photos - Last Week in the MTC

Trip to eye doctor so Fresh Nővér 
could get her glasses adjusted!
Erickson Testvér, one of Fresh Nővér's
Hungarian instructors at the MTC.
Lafevre Nővér, another one of Fresh Nővér's
instructors at the MTC.
Szaboda Nővér, a third Hungarian instructor.
Fresh Nővér loved them all!
Sorella Paige O'Connor (the younger sister of Sorella 
Kaitlin O'Connor, from previous pictures) who is 
going to the Italy Milan Mission and Fresh Nővér 
The Hungarian Vacuum Brigade!
Fresh Nővér dressed up on the day
Andrew and Erica got married. 
All of the sisters going to Hungary
with their Branch President and his wife.
Fresh Nővér and her MTC District with the
Hungarian Flag at the Sunday night temple walk.
Fresh Nővér and Sorella Paige O'Connor
at the Sunday night temple walk.
Fresh Nővér and her MTC District are ready
to get to Hungary and start working!
Wrapped in the Hungarian flag. She loves 
Hungaryand everything Hungarian!!!

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