Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 14 Photos - Miskolc

"We tracked a pretty significant building ... the 20 STORY 
ONE!!! There are like a million 5 and 10 story communist
 buildings everywhere here in Miskolc, but there is only one 
20 story one, and we tracted it. We were fighting with 
the Elders about who would get to tract it and we won!!!"
"It was super sketchy and the elevator smelled like
dead cats, but the view from the top was really great!
You could see the whole city and it was beautiful.
We didn't find any lasting success from tracting there
... just a few no show appointments."
A super large pizza from Don Pepe, "the best
pizza place" in Miskolc! They got the pizza
"for fun and because we like to eat :))"
Rupard Nővér and Fresh Nővér ... some "greenie" love!
Dia, Fresh Nővér, and Balázs ... Balázs is a member, 
Dia is an investigator, and they are siblings!!!
Fresh Nővér with Edina, an awesome member
of the Miskolc Branch! 

The next 3 pictures are taken at a Hungarian Farm in the countryside outside of Miskolc. The farm is owned by an investigator of the Elders named Tibor.

Fresh Nővér with the goats which she said 
were "really nasty" ... 
And with the baby horses which
were "so cute" ...
And riding bareback which was "so scary"!
"Miskolc's Heroes' Square ...
It is getting really pretty here!"

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