Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 23 Photos - Buda

"Last Monday we went to a member’s house because she invited all the missionaries [in our district] over for dinner. We had to walk and take a bus to get there, and right when we headed out it started to rain ... and then it rained harder and harder and harder. All seven missionaries were walking on the side of the road in the rain with cars passing by when I mentioned a dream I had about someday walking on the side of the road and then having a car drive by and splash me with a giant puddle of water … five seconds later it actually happened! The funny thing is that it happened two more times!  I couldn't even be mad because life is good as a missionary even when you get caught it rain storms!!!"

On the way to dinner ... the rain begins.
Arrival at the member's house ... time to start drying out.
Butterfield Nővér and Fresh Nővér 
were both totally drenched!

The majority of people in Budapest using mass transit travel by bus, and the missionaries are no exception! There are over 200 routes, and express buses with red number signs serve the busiest routes in the city. They travel along the same route as the regular buses with black number signs, but make fewer stops. 

Fresh Nővér and Behunin Nővér doing what 
they do often ... waiting at a bus stop. 

Living in a foreign country is an adventure with lots of new and different experiences, but there are always some things you miss. Fresh Nővér said "Go to the beach for me... I miss that one a lot!" She did, however,  find a little bit of home this week ... 

"We found salt and vinegar chips!!!!!
So excited ... A little taste of America!"

"Well ... other than that life is pretty much the same this week ... I love being a missionary, my district is awesome, I love my companions and investigators, I am always laughing, and just loving life! Hungarian is hard but what can you do ... I am just trying to have more faith and be patient with myself!!!"

Panni and Fresh Nővér on Sunday. "Panni is so
cute and I love her. I will be so sad when I leave 

Buda because of her! She is the best!"

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