Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Week 27 Photos - Buda

"We just got our transfer calls this morning, and I am staying in Buda ... I am happy because we have great investigators and the city is so fun!!!" 

Fresh Nővér with the missionaries in the Buda District
before transfers. Behunin Nővér is going home this week,
and Butterfield Nővér and Judd Elder are being transferred
to other areas in Hungary. They will be missed!!!
Fresh Nővér with the Elders in the Buda
District. The Elders in the district have been
really supportive of and helpful to the Sisters.

Here are two of the "great investigators" that Fresh Nővér has become friends with:

Panni ... ("She always wants to make the funny
faces but then looks cool and I look like this!!!")
and Kriszti ... ("We are matching for church!!!")
She loves them both!!!

More wonderful friends from Budapest ... 

Butterfield Nővér, Fruzsina, and Fresh Nővér
Butterfield Nővér, Fanni, and Fresh Nővér

The "sketchy" place that the missionaries in Buda email from each week:

Butterfield Nővér, Fresh Nővér, and the Elders
sending their emails on p-day.

There is a story behind these next to photos ... Fresh Nővér has always been our dog lover and a couple of weeks ago we found an abandoned and very dehydrated puppy when we finished a hike up Box Springs Mountain. We took him home and cared for him (gave him food, water, love, got rid of the ticks and fleas, and named him "Elder Max") until we could find a dog rescue center where it could be placed with a good family. Aimee loved him from the photos we sent and said these ones were taken "in honor of my puppy!!!" ...

Translated from Hungarian this means
"Viktor Orban ate a dog!"
Celebrating "Elder Max!"
Elder Max ... or as it would be in Hungarian, Max Elder!!!

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