Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 33 Photos - Székesféhervár

Transfer Day was this week and here are some of the Hungarian Missionaries having lunch as Subway ... yes, there are Subway Sandwich Shops in Hungary!

Fresh  Nővér with Butterfield Nővér, Judd Elder, Lynch
 Elder, and some of the other Hungarian Missionaries 
on Transfer Day.

Fresh Nővér is now serving in Székesféhervár and in her email this week she said: "Székes (short for Székesféhervár) is really pretty and also small … like so small compared to Buda and Miskolc I have kind of had an identity crisis this past few days because I feel like a big city girl in a little town! ... I have been a little homesick for Buda this week and it has been hard adjusting to a new city, but I think it will be a really great place to serve."

Székesféhervár is "like the typical European city with cobblestone streets, cathedrals, fountains, and just all around prettiness … so basically I love it!" It is "really dreamy, like flower shops, lots of churches, and the best, most inexpensive ice cream ever!!!! That’s bad news for me, but so so good. I’ve eaten it every day since I’ve been here!!!"

Székesféhervár and the date the photo was taken,
2013-09-05, are spelled with flowers in this park.
Fresh Nővér standing on a cobblestone
street in 
Fresh Nővér and Broadhead Nővér are
reunited again ... they were companions in
the MTC several months ago!

"Everything with her (Broadhead Nővér) is going well and we love each other! Hahaha … she is really great!!! She is so willing to help me with the language, which is good because I need it and she is so good at it! We are having so much fun already!" 

Funny faces ...
And more funny faces!!! 

Besides having fun there is lots of to be done in Székesféhervár. "The branch is small, but cute. There are some really cute children and little families in it. I just want more people to teach. The area just opened to sisters 5 weeks ago so we don’t have a ton of work yet.... I’m hoping we can find some really great people to teach!" 

To find people "We do tracting and street contacting, pet people’s dogs, teach English class, just talk to people and try not to be creepy or overbearing! Hahaha! :) We try to be fun and cute and happy, and talk about how we are American. People always want to know why we are here when we say that!!!"

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