Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 34 Photos - Székesféhervár

"This week was good, lots of laughs and good times, so let’s just start with what I remember...."

Bory's Castle is one of Székesféhervár's most popular attractions. It is located in an Eastern residential area and is the work of Hungarian sculptor and architect Jenő Bory. The castle was built from 1923 to 1959 by several of Bory's students under his supervision.

 The castle contains a wide range of architectural
styles ranging from Scottish to Romanesque to Gothic.

"This was the week that 9/11 occurred .... and so we decided that we would wear black in honor of those who died on September 11th and since it was a sad day we painted our nails black, wore black shirts with red skirts, and learned words like terrorism and explosion for language study.... just in case anyone asked us why we were wearing so much black!"

"In mourning for September 11th"
That same day they "had to use a porta
potty while tracking! Phewy "

"We played soccer in the rain on Saturday for Sport nap (?)  and it was so, so, so fun! I like soccer, but I love soccer in the rain :)  We also got to go to a traditional Hungarian festival and eat some greasy, fatty food, and smelly, stinky cheese, and pig … and just love life! "

Fresh Nővér and Broadhead Nővér "going out
to play soccer in the rain!"
Shopping at the Festival! It is the only middle of
September and Fresh Nővér
 already has gloves, a
scarf, and a jacket on!
Trying on traditional hats at the festival ...
Maybe these will help them stay warm
during the cold Hungarian winter!
Yummy food! ... the "Székesféhervár Sisters"
with Thomas Elder.

Last week Fresh Nővér talked about the branch and said, "There are some really cute children and little families in it." These must be some of them!

Being "attacked by babies"! 
Fresh Nővér, Broadhead Nővér, and
a future sister missionary!
Is this the Hungarian way to "Heart Attack"?

The Elders in Székesféhervár are very supportive of the sisters and sometimes help them out. Occasionally a convert will want to meet with the "sisters" for the wrong reasons and not because they are interested in the gospel (Fresh Nővér describes them as being "sketchy".) If they suspect this is happening the Elders are more than willing to take over the teaching!

Broadhead Nővér, Fresh Nővér, Peterson Elder,
and Thomas Elder strike a pose!

"On a better note, we have a super legit investigator ... and she is praying about baptism. She loves the church and thinks that the way our church does everything is how it is supposed to be!   So, we are loving her and just hope that everything will work out!"

"Well, that’s about all for now. Life is good, but Hungarian is hard so please pray for me even though I am sure you all do!  I’m just not getting it yet so it’s hard :(   I am kind of frustrated but am trying to stay positive!"

"Sok szeretettel, 
Fresh Nővér"

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