Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 35 Photos - Székesféhervár

"Hi! My name is Fresh Nővér and I have been a missionary for 8 months [Aimee entered the Provo MTC on January 23rd] ... Can you even believe it??? I can’t! Time is literally flying by. Thanks everyone for the love and support, prayers and fasting ..."

This is a picture of Székesféhervár where Fresh Nővér
has been serving for the past couple of weeks.

This week held some sad moments ...  like an investigator they loved "dropping" them, and two other investigators who committed to come to church not showing up. Fresh Nővér also "accidentally deleted all the pictures off my memory card ... all of them from my second transfer in Buda until now :((("

It also held many more happy ones ... "Last P day we went whipping [Hungary is famous for it's whipcracking which is the act of producing a cracking sound through the use of a whip] and the elders said I have really good form! I didn't get it to crack yet but I will keep practicing! Also we did the 4 scoop challenge!!! We got 4 scoops of yummy ice cream at the really good ice cream place and oh-my-gosh it was so soooo much ice cream! I felt really sick afterwards and was licking the ice cream cone for probably a solid 20 minutes :)"

Here is a Hungarian horseman with his whip ...
And here he is "cracking" it!
Fresh Nővér, Bennett Elder, Broadhead Nővér,
and McKissick Elder with their HUGE ice cream cones!

"I love being a missionary and I love my companion because we literally have so much fun ALL the time and that makes me happy. She is so cool and totally is fine with me being my crazy weird self. Also I have the best mission buddies who are always looking out for me and just take such good care of me :) It’s incredible what great friends I have been able to make here :) my life is good :))) "

Here they are "carrying our groceries home :)
Biggest trial of my whole week!!!"
The weather has really cooled off and this
week, and Fresh Nővér and Broadhead Nővér
got caught in the rain.

"Now for a little spiritual something … I learned in District meeting that miracles can’t happen until we have the faith for them to happen... so that’s what I am working on, faith and believing that I can see a miracle :) I love the gospel! It is really cool. Thanks to all of you for being great examples of good members of the church that are still fun :)

"I love you all so so much!!!

Fresh Nővér"

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