Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 36 Photos - Székesféhervár

In her email this week Fresh Nővér had great news ... A sister they have been teaching "came to Church... the first investigator at church since sisters have been in Székes!!!!!" She also said that this week "was really good... pretty eventful with Zone Training and splits and a festival, but I’m still doing the work too. That’s the best part … you can have good times and work hard too :) Finding that balance in life is so important. I can’t say I am perfect at it yet but I am glad I know that having both is possible." 

Here are some of the interesting things Fresh Nővér and Broadhead Nővér did this week:

Last p-day, September 23rd, marked the eighth month that Fresh Nővér, Bennett Elder, and Broadhead Nővér have been missionaries. They entered the Provo, Utah MTC the same day, and Fresh Nővér and Broadhead Nővér were in a threesome along with Falslev Nővér.  

"Happy eight months to us!"
Not only is Fresh Nővér celebrating 8 months as a
missionary, but she is also wearing her BYU Football
t-shirt and hopes it will help them win this week!

"I also had my first sister splits this week.  Since I was always the Sister Training Leader Helper I had never experienced a split until now!!! I got to go with Perkins Nővér, my companion from last transfer, so it was so fun to be with her again :) She said that I was speaking Hungarian a lot better than from when we served together and that was cool!!! ... Next  month we get to go on splits again but in BUDA!!!!!

"[Perkins Nővér] is great!  And she said it
was good to be with me again for a day."

"We had Zone training on Thursday and so I got to go on a little trip to Dunaújváros :) I got to see some of my friends and so I loved that!! ... I love having mission friends!!!"

Here are Fresh Nővér and some of her mission friends "being crazy!"

Broadhead Nővér and Fresh Nővér on the swings ...
on a chilly fall day!
And with Thomas Elder and Peterson Elder ... 
on some type of equipment in the park!

"On Saturday we went to a little falu (village) and picked grapes with a family from the branch. We kind of got stranded because the bus only comes every 3 hours so we picked grapes for 6 hours... I loved it the first few hours but after that Broadhead Nővér and I were so tired... we got to eat a ton of really good grapes though :)))"


"There was a Lecsó festival this weekend and it was cool! We ate some good food.... I’m really excited to make some traditional Hungarian food for you all when I come home :)" 

According to Google "Lecsó is a Hungarian thick vegetable ragout or stew which features green and/or red peppers and tomato, onion, lard, salt, sugar and ground sweet and/or hot paprika as a base recipe." When it is the main dish meat can be added. Hungarians believe "that the best lecsó is made over an open fire in a 'bogrács' (a cauldron), a Hungarian style barbecue. In Hungary the dish is very popular, and even has its own festivals."

Broadhead Nővér and Fresh Nővér with a new
friend they made at the Lecsó festival!

As the winters in Hungary are usually cold, cloudy and damp or windy, Fresh Nővér is enjoying the beautiful fall weather while it lasts!

Fresh Nővér at one of the cemeteries
in Székesféhervár.

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