Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 55 - Dunaújváros

"So my week was good, but also really up and down. I know you probably all could feel like I was really stressed [last week] and just feeling down on myself, and that maybe God wasn't going to accept my work a a missionary. Well, I was trying to shake those feelings this week and everything was getting a lot better and then I thought that maybe I should get a blessing. I honestly tried to talk myself out of it, but I figured that I probably did need some divine help. So Elder Nelson gave me a really great blessing. Some of the things he said were:
  • That I am where I am supposed to be, with who I am supposed to be with, at the time I am supposed to be there. 
  • That as I continue to work hard, I will leave my mission with a smile on my face.
  • He didn't mention Hungarian, but he did say that there are people in Hungary that specifically needed me and my personality. 
Everyone's mission is different and maybe part of mine is struggling through this crazy language because through the struggle, I have had to rely on my Savior and gained a lot more than I would have if Hungarian wasn't hard for me. Just a thought!"

"Me and Duna" (Dunaújváros) in the background. 

"On to my week:

"I met the cutest little bácsi (older man) that reminded me of Allyn [my dad]!!!! This is the story ... I was sitting on the bus when this bácsi sat down and I thought I need to talk to him. I looked at him and he looked so much like dad. I asked him a language question to start the conversation and then we just started talking. We were joking and I almost missed my stop because I had so much fun talking with him! It's weird because I feel like a lot of people have Hungarian look a likes :)"

"We tracted a lot this week and I decided why I like tracting so much ... because each door is like a surprise and you never know what kind of person will be behind it - old, young, happy, mean, pantless! Hahaha! The possibilities are endless ... and then sometimes they even let you in and those are the really good doors!!!"

"We knocked on one door and literally right after we said hi, the néni let us in ... easiest door of our lives. She was super spunky and really cute. She is a Jehovah's witness though and gave us all these weird pamphlets, so we said we had a pamphlet we wanted to give her. We came back the next day with a pamphlet on the Restoration.... we will see if we can bring her over to our side :)"

"Some weird houses in Duna ... stacks on stacks."

"We knocked on another door and it was Sister Sexton's turn. She was talking with this guy and he wasn't really having it and I had the thought to just be bold. So I was like 'How about we come in share a message and if you like what we say, great, and if not then we will leave.' He let us in and we had a good conversation. He doesn't really know about God and so we just testified of Him. We tried to get him to let us come back but he wasn't too sure, but we were planning on maybe just stopping by in a few days with a Book of Mormon. The next day we were tracting again and he called!!!! We almost died because that never happens, so we set an appointment up with him for the following day. We were so excited because he was super cool and young, and we could see him being a really great addition to the branch. Then he didn't show up to his program so idk. We called him and he just sounded weird. I was super bummed about it, but we haven't given up... we are going to try and set up with him sometime this week."

Fati and Fresh Nővér ... a sweet girl from the branch.

They are also teaching a man named János. "He is so legit ... he basically teaches us every time we meet. Also, he showed up to church yesterday in the cutest suit and shirt and tie combo! Fast Sunday was last week and so he saw that everyone was getting up and bearing their testimonies and so he wrote his out and was like 'Can I share mine today?' We had to tell him not this week but the next fast Sunday he could. He let me read it though and it was so cute!!! ... Sister Sexton and I say he is the light in our lives, because the rest of our investigators are far from where we would like them to be right now."

"We had a farsang buli (carnival party) on Saturday with the branch ... It is like their Halloween. I dressed up as an elder. I know that the worst costume ever but hey I had no time and no resources. The party was so fun! We ate doughnuts off of strings, did potato sack races and all sorts of games, and I got to play with the kids."

Szandi and Fresh Nővér at the farsang buli.
"Doughnut eating ...  fank means doughnut
in Hungarian‏"

"All in all this week was really good. There were lots of ups and downs, but we worked really hard and although we didn't find a million new people we still had fun, bore our testimonies, and tried, so it was a successful week :)"

"NAGYON SZERETLEK!!!!!! (I do love you!)

Fresh nővér"

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