Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week 56 - Dunaújváros

In her email this week Fresh Nővér said:

"It's Tuesday which means there are transfers this week ... again! [They have been having transfers once a month lately] So I am staying in Duna but am getting a new companion. Her name is Sister Peterson, but not the Sister Peterson I already served with."

She will miss having Sexton Nővér as a companion. These are some of the things she has said about her: "Sister Sexton is great. I love her. We are very very different, but it worked! She is super sweet, and I am grateful for her :)"

Sexton Nővér and Fresh Nővér ... their last Sunday
together before transfers. 
This sweet girl, Hajni, took the photo of
Sexton Nővér and Fresh Nővér.

"Of course we went tracting this week and a few funny things happened ...
First, this guy answered the door and we did our whole tracting approach and then he says, 'Yea you can come in as long as your not those Mormons.' We were just like, 'Well... that's us.'  And we all just kind of laughed and then said good-bye. It was so funny!!! Another time we did the same little approach, and we told the lady that answered the door that we were Americans and she was like, 'I don't deal with that American stuff.' I made this really funny surprised face at her like 'How could you say that?' She kind of made the same face back and then she let us in :)) Haha! Another cool experience was when we tracted into this lady who we are now meeting with. She doesn't really believe in God, but it's ok because we will help her with that!!! We also knocked another door and this guy came and was like, 'Oh, you are the Mormons, Salt lake' in really awful English and then he started making the kissy face and noises at us ... I laughed. The joys of tracting :) It's so fun because every door brings a different surprise!"

One of their investigators is János who is trying to quit smoking. "We decided to go and bring him a surprise and try to give him some hope that he can do it ... We went to his apartment and brought him some snacks and he was so happy. We just told him we know that he can quit with God's help. ... He is super great!"

Fresh Nővér and János

"And it was Valentines Day ... I'm so in love with Duna!!! We did go out to lunch with the elders, which was fun. I paid for Elder Jones because he forgot his wallet ... take it for what is worth. I call it NOT a date! Hahaha!  On Valentines Day we met with this semi-active sister and I love her!! She just talks and talks and talks!  Her husband died a few years ago and so she is kind of sad and lonely. I just know that we bring so much light into her life when we visit that I can't help but love her!"

"Happy Valentines Day ... szeretlek !
(don't mind the mess)‏"

"What else happened this week ... We cleaned the branch house. I mopped a lot with Elder Nelson and would always forget to wring out the mop and so it was really messy, but it was fun. We also had a panini party last night with some members. Elder Nelson and I made all the food. Hahaha!  So get this I cook now! Sister Sexton asked me to help her learn how to cook and it kind of turned into I just cook for us, but I love it! I only really know how to make soups and pasta dishes but I don't really burn anything so that is exciting :)"

"Other than that ... life is good. I am happy and the work is moving along. I love being here and being a missionary. I have learned so so much that I will ever be grateful for :))) Thanks for all the love and support."

"How can it already be the middle of February??? I don"t like this time going fast thing!!! SLOW DOWN!"

"Sok szeretettel
Fresh Nővér"

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