Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 57 - Dunaújváros

Sister Fresh began her email with, "This week was great here in the Dunalands!" (Dunalands is one of the nicknames she has for Dunaújváros.) 

Here are some of the things that made it so great:

Transfer Day - "Wednesday morning we loaded the zone leader's car with all of Elder Nelson's and Sister Sexton's stuff ... and then 4 people. They have so many things that we were packed in and I could not even move my arms, but it was super fun so I couldn't be mad.  :) We dropped Elder Nelson off at his new apartment and picked up Elder Seegmiller, which was really convenient. He had a lot less stuff so that was nice! Transfers were fun because I got to see some of my elder friends and some of the sisters too. We had lunch and then I got my new companion Sister Peterson."

Sister Fresh and Sister Sexton 
are squished in the back of the car!
Elder Nelson, Sister Fresh, and Elder Jones "stuffed
in the car" on their way to missionary transfers.  

Sister Peterson - "Everything has gone well so far. She is really nice and funny and pretty. She is really good at Hungarian. She just doesn't fear like I do, which I really admire, and hope some of that will rub off on me :) Sister Peterson is cool because she thinks I'm funny. I know we will be good friends!

Fresh Nővér and Peterson Nővér are all
smiles as they work together in Dunaújváros. 

Tracting - "On Thursday we tracted ALL DAY LONG!!! and it was seriously like one of the funniest days ever. We had 4 let-ins and just a lot of really funny experiences. One of our let-ins was with this bácsi (literal translation is uncle, but it means older man). We called him the 'happy bácsi' because when we were talking with him we told him that 'When we pray we use our own words. We don't read it from a book.' He just got so excited and was like 'Yes!!!! That's how it is supposed to be!' Then, I don't know what happened, but I just threw my arms up in the air and was like 'Yea!' and he just loved it!"

"On Saturday we had a harder day. We went tracting all day again but only had one let-in and people were really not so friendly. We did meet this girl that met with the missionaries a while ago but didn't join the church. So we got her number and are going to meet with her this week. We are super excited about her :) Our let-in was a cute little néni (literally translated as aunt) who we gave a Book of Mormon to and then she gave us these little like pencil pouches she had made... It was sweet getting a little present in return :)"

Programs and Investigators - "On Friday we had a lot of programs. ... János is so great. He is like so so solid, and when he is ready is going to be the best church member ever!!! We also met with a new couple. Sister Sexton and I had tracted the husband last week and he told us to come back so we could meet with him and his wife. It was really good! We gave them a Book of Mormon and are meeting with them on Wednesday. :)  We met with Marta, our cute néni investigator and she made us palacsintas. We talked with her about faith and repentance, and we asked her if she had ever prayed about the things that we teach her. She said that she had and that she really hopes they are true. We told her to pray again during this week and that we would talk more about it when we came back to visit her again. We also met with Szandi, our RCLA. She is so cute, and kind of talks a million miles an hour. I'm surprised I understand anything that she says, but she is great! She is progressing so much and really is starting to understand things more."

Palacsintas is a thin crêpe-like variety of pancake
common in Central and Eastern Europe.

Duna - "I really love Duna!!!  I feel like every part of my mission has been so good, and I have learned a really important lesson in each city and each part. I still don't know what I am doing all the time, but I just go forward and don't worry. I think that is why the end of your mission is so great because you have worked hard, learned a lot, and even though you are not perfect, you know that if you do your best it somehow just works out. I love that! So ... Duna is great!"

"Szeretlek titeket :) 
Fresh nővér"

"PS   I'm stoked for baby fresh number three to come this week :)))) Next p- day will be so exciting!" (Her brother Matthew and his wife Brooke's baby is due this coming week. When Aimee got her call she made her married siblings promise that if they got pregnant she would be the first to know ... and she was!) 

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