Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Week 60 - Dunaújváros

Sister Fresh began her email this week with the following news:
"Okay ... drum roll please ... I am staying in Duna with Sister Peterson! It's a miracle! Haha! I am with a companion through a mini transfer :)"

A beautiful sunset in Dunaújváros! 

"We did a lot of finding this week and had fun while doing it! For example ... "

"We made our lives into a musical while tracting, as in the life of a sister missionary in Hungary. One whole song in the musical is dedicated to tracting and we thought it would be super cool if there were tons of doors all over the place like in the movie Monsters, Inc. Haha!"

"We streeted a kid and gave him an English class flier. In return he showed us a magic trick. It was the best trade ever!"

"We tracted into a girl who seemed really interested in the church. She told us to come back the next day with Book of Mormon and so we did. When we knocked on her door her boyfriend was there and it was obvious we had interrupted something ... it was the most awkward 15 minutes of my life. Someone once told me that if you are not feeling awkward then you are not doing missionary work right. In this case that was true!"

Fresh Nővér in front of a coal car.
The words on the car mean "good luck".

"Other things that happened this week..."

"Sister Peterson got stuck in an elevator and almost got half her body cut off. Yea, elevators here don't work like they do in America!"

"On our way to Zone Conference Elder Seegmiller spilled some aftershave that we found in our apartment and gave to Elder Jones as a going away present in the car. So ... we all smelled like men once we got to the conference in Buda."

"Fagyi!!! ice cream ... it's back in season :) We had our first ice cream cone this week!"

"ZONE CONFERENCE!!!  It was good. Elder Dyches came and he was really cool! His wife reminds me of a lady in our stake who used to work at Canyon Springs High School. It was great to see my friends and the president and to get to go to Buda :)"

Fresh Nővér and Broadhead Nővér get
to see each other at Zone Conference! 
"Zone conference ... left to right Elders Depallens,
Shuck, Erickson, Sterri and Quinton."

The People:

"The elders had a baptism with a girl named Romi and Elder nelson got to come back for that. It was really great! I can always feel the spirit super strongly at baptisms ... like the really inside powerful feeling that doesn't come all the time. I love that feeling and think we should have a baptism every week :)"

"We also met with János this week ... now he isn't an investigator but a new member :) He is cute! We love him and he is doing great :)"

Remember Pál from Veszprém... well I hadn't heard much about him lately but I saw Sister Peterson at Zone Conference and she told me that everything with him is so good. He is really prepared for baptism. He also still loves and remembers me. He wrote my name first in his book of people that have taught him. He prays for me, that I will be safe and happy. He also said that I need to be at his baptism ... so I will really try because Duna isn't too far. I really hope I get to go :) I talked to Sister Peterson this morning and Pál will have his bap interview today. He said that I am like his granddaughter :)  I love that because he is like my Hungarian grandpa :)"

"I love Hungary :) piros fehér zöld [red white green]
It was a holiday on the 15th!"

"Life is for the most part really good ... We don't have a ton of solid work right now but we are searching and trying so that's all we can do. We do definitely see little tender mercies everyday."

"sok szeretettel
Fresh nővér"

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