Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 58 - Dunaújváros

Fresh Nővér's email this week started with:

"BABY!!!!! Ever since Friday I have just been saying 'baby' all throughout the day. I was so excited for right now when I got to find out the baby's gender and see HIM!!!! BABY!! I love babies and I'm so stoked to hold and love all the new little babies that will be/are there when I get home :) So cute! I'm excited to tell people too ... A bátyámnak új kis fia született pénteken! Calebnak hivunk :) So happy he is a part of our family!"

Here is little Caleb Thomas ...
Fresh Nővér's newest nephew!

"So my week was really good. I can't remember anything bad so that is good, right??? Hahaha!" Here are some of the good things she talked about:

Peterson Nővér and Fresh Nővér celebrating
Peterson Nővér's half way mark!

Being Companions with Sister Peterson - "It is so good!!! I love her. ... Sister Peterson is so cute and really similar to my friend Rylie from Romania. The way they say things is very similar and she is fun like Rylie, so I love it!!! It's like Romania again, but in Hungary and with different responsibilities. I'm a lot more tired, but it's still so great. We teach well together, which is sweet. We actually taught Sunday School this Sunday and it was really nice because I knew she had my back the whole time" (Aimee spent the summer of 2012 in Romania as a volunteer working in an orphanage and she loved it!)  

"We love pékség‏!"

The Zone Leaders who also serve in Dunaújváros - "The Zone Leaders are Elder Jones, from Michigan, who dies in March and loves science. I always remind him he is going home soon. He is in denial so I am trying to help him :) The other one is Elder Seegmiller, from Texas, who goes home in July with me. I love them ... they give me rides!!!"

Some of the Investigators:

"János - His baptism will be on Friday! Guess who is very much not musically talented but is singing a solo at his baptism? Yep, it's ME! ahaha I about died when he asked me but you can't say no to your investigator, especially at their baptism. So, yea, I'll be singing 'For the Beauty of the Earth' in Hungarian on Friday... pray for me :) He is doing well though; so sweet, so cute, and so excited to get baptized. When he came out of the interview he was so happy and told us that he passed!"

"Marta - She is our néni friend, and she dropped us. She said she didn't want to change her life or religion because she was too old. She broke my heart a little bit ... investigators do that sometimes. I tell myself I won't get attached but then I always do and its so hard."

"Tamás and Edina - We met them on the street last week and invited them to English class. Tamás already speaks English pretty well and wasn't really interested, but Edina was super sweet and really interested. So, they came to English class and then we ended up teaching them. Tamás isn't religious at all, doesn't really even believe in God, but when we were teaching him he asked us when we started believing in God. He told us that he asked his Jehovah Witness friend and he couldn't tell him. So we both just shared our stories about how we felt and how we knew that God was real, and he thought that it was sweet that we were so young and already knew these things. Edina was just super cute and accepted the Book of Mormon and said she would read it, and when Tamás said he wasn't sure if he would read it she said she would just read it out loud so he would have to listen to it :) We love them already... I hope they do't break my heart."

"Panni - I still love her the most. I haven't talked to her in a while but I know she is good! She just loves everyone and is so cute :)"

"Pál - He is doing well as far as I know. Sister Peterson (Vesprém) said he prayed for me the other day, and loved the picture and letter I gave him :)"

Peterson Nővér and Fresh Nővér
"looking our best for church."

Missionary Exercises -"We go to the branch house and work out with the elders. We each take turns leading work outs... when I do it I usually make us run and stretch and I taught them some cheers last time. We did soccer drills the other day when Seegmiller led and so it's always different" 

"Hmmm... Well, I don't think I have anything else to really add besides the church is true and simple and great. The secret is this, just three words... read, pray, church :)"

"Love you all so much...
Fresh nővér"

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