Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 62 - Dunaújváros

"BABY ETHAN!!!! I love new babies! I can't wait to see him and Caleb in July. They are so cute and little and I am just going to hold them and play with them! ... Unless they are scared of me. I hope 4 months isn't the "scared of everyone that isn't your mom" stage. Anyways, I love them!!!"

Here is little Ethan David ...
Fresh Nővér's newest nephew!

"So, first I have to tell you what I did yesterday ... I gave a talk in church in HUNGARIAN!!! Yea, I couldn't believe it either. I got the call on Thursday and I was like 'NO!!! This is the worst thing I could ever be asked to do.' But then I thought about it and was like, 'Well, I can't get out of it so I might as well just deal with it and do the best I can.'  I wasn't actually that nervous. I was more like lets just get this embarrassment over with. Haha! It felt good standing up on the pulpit and talking to everyone. Of course I made mistakes, but it was understandable so that was a miracle in itself. I spoke about General Conference and how we can receive revelation from listening to it. The subject was pretty easy because I have had some good experiences with that :) Anyways, that was a big moment in my life! I just feel like when I get back to an English speaking country all of these things will be so much easier, but maybe I'm wrong. I think about giving a talk in English and it seems so easy. I could just talk and say whatever I want. So crazy ... but I did it. I gave a talk in Magyar!!!" [Magyar is the Hungarian word for Hungarian.]

"As of this Wednesday I have been in Hungary for a year ... so weird. I feel like I have been here forever but at the same time like I just got here. I know time just flies by but as a missionary it flies soooo fast. I just want time to slow down and be normal and let me take everything in."

A year ago ...
packed and on her way to Hungary!

"Azon kívül [other than that] nothing else too exciting happened. Pál got baptized but I wasn't there. Sister Petereson* called last night and told me all about it. She said he looked so cute and was so happy, and that everything went really well.  He was confirmed Sunday and even said the prayer in Sunday School :)))  I just wish I could have seen him because he had changed so much in the 9 weeks I was with him that I just can't imagine how much more he has changed in the 10 weeks I have been away from him. It's crazy because we found him in November and he was baptized in March :) Love him so much!!!"

Pál and his wife, Erzsébet.
Sisters Peterson* and Madga, Elders Ralph
and Raymond, and Pál.
Sister Peterson* said ... "Pál on the day
he got confirmed.  I told him that I was
sending this to Sister Fresh, so he'd
better smile! And he did."

"We met with János and Fati this week. It was good and they are both doing great! Other than that we have very little work. We do a ton of finding and people are very willing to let us into their houses and meet with them once, but then they have every excuse in the book as to why they don't want to meet again. It has been kind of hard because we are happy that everyone thinks we are cute and stuff, but we really want to teach them and help them. Hopefully this next week will be better."

"We had a branch lunch on Sunday which was good, and the sun was shining a lot this week which was great!!! We even had comp study out on a bench in the sun yesterday :)))"

Fresh Nővér and Peterson* Nővér
enjoying the sunshine!

"Today we go up to Buda to have the last physical therapy and doctors appointment for Sister Peterson*, and then the interview with the President. I don't know what the final decision will be ... but if she does go home I think they will probably close Duna. :(  I never wanted my city to be closed but the president already has to close 2 cities at the mini so it could be Dunaújváros. Hopefully she will be healed sometime today and we can just stay an finish the transfer out together and the work in Duna will be great!!!"

"So yea life is good, we both couldn't sleep last night because today is a big day and we were really restless, but hopefully everything will work out :) I just hope she feels good with whatever decision is made because that's what really matters."

"I love you all so much and the new babies :)"

fresh nővér"

*There are 2 Sister Petersons ... one that Sister Fresh served with in Veszprém where they taught Pál. She is still there and is the one who took the photos at the baptism and confirmation. The other Sister Peterson is serving with Sister Fresh right now in Dunaújváros. She loves them both!!!

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