Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 61 - Dunaújváros

"Milyen volt a hetem??? Jó volt :)‏" [How was the week? It was good :)]

"My life is good! We do the same things everyday but somehow seem to make them fun and/or interesting by just being ourselves. Sister Peterson and I are good friends. It is great to serve with people and get to know them better and form your own opinions about them - I just love her! She is really cool and funny. ... Unfortunately she has some knee problems and might have to go home in a couple of week. It is super sad, so it is good that we have been able to have a lot of fun. We actually go up to Buda once a week for physical therapy. She has one more round and then a doctor's appointment and an interview with the President to decide what to do. The hard thing is that the therapy has not really done much. :( ... What this would mean for me is that I could be in Duna for a long time, or they might have to close Duna which would also be hard. So that is what is going on with us."

"Fun while tracting!"
Peterson Nővér and Fresh Nővér say
"Mi is szeretjük Duna!"

"So this week Pál is getting baptized, but unfortunately I got a 'nem' [no] to go back to Veszprém to see the baptism. I am honestly super bummed about it because I really really wanted to go. So that was kind of a let down but it's okay. At least I got to teach him and set the baptism date with him and all that :) He will be the cutest baptized member in his white clothes ... plus when we come back to Hungary to visit we can go see him :)"

"That is enough sad news. The good news is that the Hungarian went pretty well this week. I think what I need is to be put with someone pretty young in the mission now so I have to talk a lot more.  I only talk about half the time right now, but if I had to talk a lot more that would be cool :)  I'm sure it would be hard but I think it would be fun too!"

"Elder Jones went home and we got a new Zone Leader, Elder Foster. He is from Montana, goes to BYU, and likes to hunt.  I don't know a ton more about him because its only been a few days but he and Seegmiller are a good match so I think we will have a good transfer."

Saying good by to Elder Jones! 
Watching Elder Judd's luggage, he goes
home on Thursday, while  waiting for the
Elders to take us back to Duna.

"János is doing well! He is so cute and the highlight of our days. He is still really strong and just a cool new member, still learning and growing, like us all :) We also met with Fati, Edina Tamás and Gabi.... all of them are doing well and progressing slowly ahaha but its good. We love them!" 

"We found a new lady named Erzsébet and we love her! She is so nice and her apartment is clean. We freaked out after her program and think she could be like the most legit member. ... I try not to freak out about people like this because then they usually go and break my heart and drop us. I just think she is so cool and so I had to freak out :)  We will meet with her again next Thursday. 

"Remember when I told you about Hungarian fish soup (halászlé) and how I did not really like it. Well, we went to this restaurant with a lady from our English class and they had some fish soup. There were not all the bones and it was not super fishy ... and it was yummy :) We will have to go there when we come back. It might just be the pride and joy of Duna!"

Elder Foster, Elder Seegmiller, Szilvi‏, Fresh Nővér,
and Peterson Nővér at a restaurant in Duna.

"This week was not too crazy but still really good. I know we laughed a ton and it was super fun. We are happy and working hard :) Being a missionary is really great! I would love to do it forever but I'm too tired and I know at some point I will fall over dead. Hahaha! But it's good and I love it. I really do :)"

"nagyon szeretlek beneteket [I love you]
Fresh nővér"

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