Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 64 - Győr

Last week Sister Fresh said good-bye to Sister Peterson and Dunaújváros, and hello to her new city Győr. "Our last night in Duna the elders made us a going away cake ... it turned into a cake fight, well mostly me throwing cake at Elder Seegmiller because he threw a tiny piece at me. It was so funny! I really do miss Duna ... Győr is so big!!!"

Eating cake with the Elders ...
Fresh Nővér and Peterson Nővér
before they left Dunaújváros.

"Győr is my new city, and it's really pretty. I was just amazed the first day and every few minutes I said, 'Wow! It's so pretty.' It might be because it really is pretty or because I came from one of the industrial cities, but it is great. We live in the Belváros, which is like the city center and where all the cute cobble stone streets and little shops are. There is also a cute river near our house that we go running by in the mornings. It is kind of dreamy ... I feel like I could live here later in life!"

These photos are of the Belváros Area in Győr.
Győr is in the northwest corner of Hungary and
has been described as being halfway between
Budapest and Vienna, Austria.

"My companions are both from Salt Lake and are really nice. It is kind of a weird situation though because they were already serving together and I just kind of got plopped in!  Sister Westover and I are only 6 weeks apart in the mission and so we are on the same level, but then Sister Erlandson is really new, she just got here like 12 weeks ago ..."

"They found out about my birthday even though I didn't want to tell them. This is what happened ... I was wearing the earrings I got from Deb [my mom] for my birthday to transfers and was playing with one of them. Sister Westover asked me where I got them from and I told her that my mom gave them to me for my birthday. Haha! Then of course she asked when it was and I really wanted to lie, but I didn't and I told them it was tomorrow. They were really excited to celebrate with me. Sister Peterson had left some money for me to do something fun with them on my birthday and so we went and got some süti (dessert) and that was cool. They made me some cards and gave me some earrings too ... and then we just pretty much tracked and found all day long. That night we were streeting and we went to look at a boat that was on the river. They surprised me because the elders were there and we ate dinner to celebrate. The best thing was last year on my birthday I was serving near Elder Carter and he made me brownies for my birthday, and then at the restaurant I reminded him of that and then he randomly pulled out brownies! Haha! It was really nice.... Everyone was really sweet and I have been getting phone calls throughout the week. Sister Broadhead called on the 12th and sang happy birthday to me. She really thought that the 12th was my birthday! It was so funny!"

Erlandson Nővér, Fresh Nővér, and Westover Nővér
eating some delicious süti!

"So enough about me being old ... There is pretty much no work here (I am surprised they closed Duna and not Győr), but I guess there is a reason I should be here. So we have done a ton of finding and it has been cool. I feel like I have done finding most of my mission, but it's okay :)  Church was good. It's a functional ward so that is nice. I don't have to teach anymore which I kind of do miss ... In Duna we did like everything so its nice to have a break. So life is good, just figuring out the new city and stuff. Things will be good, I am sure of that!!!"

"We have a good group of Young Single Adults here."
This was an activity at YSA night and "I failed!"
Fresh Nővér with Sperry Elder and
Jones Elder after Zone Training.

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