Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week 63 - Dunaújváros

Big News:
"I have some big news ... Sister Peterson is going home to get surgery. :( Our week was crazy because we were in Buda for a doctor's appointment and then an interview with the President. We thought we would have the final decision earlier last week but we didn't. He wanted to pray about it more and then decided that she should talk with her parents so they called. They decided that it would be better for her to solve the problem and try to come back rather than just have pain for the next 9 months. So that brings me to the next thing ..."

Peterson Nővér and Fresh Nővér 

"Transfers ... That's why I am emailing on Tuesday instead of Monday. With Sister Peterson leaving I thought for sure I was staying in Duna. I had kind of mixed feelings about that because I like it here, there are some people I really love, and our elders are great, but the work has been really slow. We do finding all the time, and it has been kind of exhausting. So, I was not mad at the thought of a change either ... The call came and I am going to the northwest to a city called Győr. It is one of the bigger cities in Hungary so that will be new since my last 3 cities have been small. It will be fun and I have some elder friends from earlier in my mission who are serving there. I will be in another three-some, one of the sisters goes home soon and the other one is quite new."

"Other than transfers and the craziness with Sister Peterson, my week was a lot of finding and the usual. I am pretty sad because I didn't get to prepare myself for leaving and didn't get to say goodbye to anyone, but it will be okay. Also, I will be really far away from Buda and probably will not get to go back for Panni's baptism which is super sad. Oh well, I am sure Győr will be great."

Good-bye Duna ...
Dunaújváros and Peterson Nővér will be missed!
Hello Győr ... This is the Győr City Hall.

"Conference was this weekend! I only got to see a session and a half in English though, which is kind of a bummer. I mean I understand most of what they say in Hungarian and I get the point it's just not the same as it is in English, but it was good. I saw the Saturday afternoon session in English all the way through and then the first half of the Saturday morning session. I am so excited to get the Liahona and read all of them! It's my favorite thing to study as a missionary. I loved Richard G. Scott's talk because I feel like so many people have been that kind of an example for me and have helped me lovingly throughout my life. I want to be better about doing that for others."

My Birthday:
"Thanks for the birthday love and wishes. I got my package the other day and of course I opened it right away. I cried reading the nice things you all said about me. I am not sure what you all see in me but thanks for that! The good news is I don't have to truly celebrate my oldness because my new city and new comps don't know so I am just going to pretend my birthday never happened. Hahaha! I already celebrated with Sister Peterson so it's good :)"

Boldog születésnapot Aimee!
(6 months old) 

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