Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Week 65 - Győr

"Boldog Húsvét!!! [Happy Easter!]  Since it was Easter on Sunday I had to email today instead of Monday. Hungary is great ... both Sunday and Monday are holidays, but that meant that nowhere was open to email. Also, almost everything is closed all weekend long due to the holiday and because of that I can almost guarantee that everyone had a better Easter meal than me.  This is the story ... I ran out of food on Saturday and all I had was some frozen peas and popcorn. Haha! My Easter dinner was a bag of microwave popcorn and pea soup! Super good :)  It is okay because today we went shopping and I bought so much food I will never go 'hungary' again!"

"Okay ... so now for my week:"

"We did finding ALOT and it was good! I just like talking, so we just talk all the time while we find which makes it more fun :)

Beautiful Győr ... Where Fresh Nővér spent her
second Easter in the mission field and did a lot of
finding this week!

"Other than finding we had some really great and fun experiences!"

"On Wednesday we went to someplace that was like an old folks rest home, but they weren't really that old just mentally handicapped. While we were there we sang songs for them and then they sang songs for us. We danced and also went on a walk. We basically all just shared our talents and so somehow they got me to show them a cheer. It was fun! The sad thing is I can only remember like two cheers, but it was cool. One of the guys really liked me and hung around me the whole time ... It was cute. He asked if I would come back and if I could email him. Haha! This was a really cool service project :)"

Fresh Nővér's and her friend
from the rest home.

"This week and every week here in Győr we have a young adult night and also a sports day. I love both of these activities because I love the young adults and I love to have fun, so it's like the best! We played Heads-up, Seven-up and Duck, Duck, Goose this week.  Duck, Duck, Goose was so funny because people were diving all over the place and slipping. The sisters were wearing skirts so it was extra exciting for us.  On sports day we always play soccer and I just love soccer :)  It's like my new favorite thing. I am not good at all, and I am actually scared of the ball, but I like to play defense and run after the ball!"

"As I mentioned before it was Easter on Sunday, and I was asked to lead the music in church. It was a disaster! The first song was unfamiliar and no one was singing. Then, I forgot to go up for the second one and they were all waiting for me. The third song was a special musical number so I thought that meant I didn't need to go up, but I guess I was supposed to so that was kind of exciting. The last song went well, so at least I finished off strong. I'm pretty sure they will never ask me to lead again! We had 3 programs set up on Easter but all of them canceled so that is how I ended up eating popcorn and pea soup for dinner!"

"Monday was the real Easter celebration :)  It was p-day minus emailing, but the elders suprised us and came over to where we live and then invited us to come down so the could locsolni us. This means they spray you with perfume and say a poem, and then afterwards you give them chocolate. The catch is that the boys usually spray the girls with a tons of water too. So we came down, already expecting the worst, and there were like 15 guys there. They made us stand in the middle of them and they sang some songs and then sprayed us with water. It was honestly kind of funny, and they didn't get us that wet so it was not as bad as I was expecting. Afterwards, though, they said the poems and sprayed us with perfume... so stinky! It was cute :)"

 "Back in the day, the peasant of Hungary used to douse fair
maidens with buckets of water on Easter Monday." (Google)

"Later that day we all went over to the house of a girl from the ward, had a barbecue, played soccer, and just had fun ... it was so perfect. The boys tried to get us wet again. :) They did get a few of the girls but not me, and we got them back so it was fun! All in all, it was a really great Easter and one of my favorite p-days too!"

Sissy (the girl whose house they
were at) and Fresh Nővér didn't 

plan it, but they match!

"Sorry this email is kind of all over the place but that's life as a missionary. You just take what comes and make the best of it :)"

"sok szeretettel
Fresh nővér"

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