Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 66 - Győr

"My week ..."

"Kedd (tuesday): So Tuesday was cool! I got to email you all last week on Tuesday because of Easter but that night we went on splits and the Buda sisters came over and we all stayed in Győr. Since we are in a three-some Sister Westover and I went with Sister Broadhead and then Sister Erlandson went with Sister Fowers. It was so great!!! Broadhead and I talked a ton that night just like old times when we served together. That day we taught two of our cool RCLAs ... both were baptized not to long ago. David who is 18 and Tamás who is in his 50's. I feel that Tamás actually teaches us everytime we meet with him because he is just such a good person and so nice and so solid. David is cute because he has really been opening up and spending more time with the other young adults :) We love them!!"

"Szerda (Wednesday): So we were still on splits and in the morning we went running.  Broadhead and i ran with each other the whole time and talked, which was a miracle because I never talk and run. We talked about how we are going to be healthy, fit people when we get back to America and motivate each other to not be fatties. Haha!  We honestly just did finding all day on splits but it was really fun :) The Buda sisters left around 5 pm and we had yoga that night. .. yea, so get this, the Relief Socity has a yoga night and we went and it was amazing!!!  I felt so good and we are going to make it a regular event. So Wednesday night is yoga :)"

Fresh Nővér and Broadbhead Nővér found a way up
to the roof of an apartment building when they were on splits.
Fresh Nővér is literally "on top" of
things today!

"Csütörtök (Thursday): Honestly Thursday was rather average I don't remember anything too exciting that happened. Sorry :( "

"Péntek (Friday): We had District Meeting in Pápa which is the cutest little town. The District Meeting was really good. ... I had to give the finding tip that had to be only one sentence so I said, "Smile". I think its good advice :)  After District Meeting we stayed up to help the senior sisters look up RCLAs and that was cool. They are really sweet ladies and it was nice because I got to give a nice pep talk to one of them about the language and not giving up. We also had young adult night and that was good :) I love the YSAs here :)"

The missionaries at their District Meeting.

"Szombat (Saturday): SPORT NAP!!!! My favorite thing ... I love soccer! I am not very good but its so fun! After that we headed out to a falu (village) to teach an investigator Ibolya and that was exciting. It was kind of hectic and hard to teach but good. She really wants to get baptized and is working towards that.  We also got to see a baptism on Saturday. The elders in Pápa had a baptism and since there is not a font in Pápa they came to Győr for the baptism. It was really great! I love baptisms!"

"It snowed... jk! It's just weird
cotton stuff that falls off the trees."‏

"Vasárnap (Sunday): Church!!! We also taught our investigator Gergő who has had a hard life but wants to change. We had a lesson with him and we were going to drop him if he didn't keep his commitment, but he did! We had a really good program about repentance and so we will see how it goes. He seems ready to change and do what he needs to do."

"Ma (today): So today I am emailing late because we went to the Zoo this morning. It was really fun. Animals are so interesting!"

A new investigator??? 

"Well, that was my week, nothing too crazy or out out of the ordinary but a good week. It went really fast for us all. Sister Westover dies [goes home] in 3 weeks!!!! And then it's my last transfer. mehhhhh I'm pretty sure I cry at the thought of going home and I know that time is and has and will go by so fast I am just trying to soak it all in. .. not that I don't want to see you all, but it really is harder coming home than leaving because I will never come back to life as a missionary. I always knew I would come back to life as a normal person but this is so different and no one prepared me for this!!!! "

"Okay, there you go I am never coming back! Haha!"

"Szeretlek bénéteket, a holdra és vissza [roughly translated 'I love you to the moon and back.']"

"Fresh Nővér"

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