Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 24 Photos - Buda

"This week we went with Panni and her friend Kriszti and walked across the Chain Bridge. We also walked in the downtown, more  touristy area of Pest. It was so fun!!! ... I love Panni so much! We were talking and I told her that I want to come back to Hungary someday when I am married and show my husband this place that I love so much. So we decided that when that day comes we are going to meet up and have a picnic with our husbands on the bridge :) 

The Chain Bridge in one of Budapest's most famous
landmarks. This is a view of the bridge looking from the
Buda side across the Danube River to the Pest side.

The Chain Bridge was opened in 1849 and at the time was the longest suspension bridge in Europe.  According to the internet: "The [Chain] bridge ignited the economic revival of Hungary that would lead to Budapest's golden century and it was one of the factors that made the provincial towns of Pest and Buda evolve into a fast-growing metropolis."

Fresh Nővér and Panni in front of one of the "touristy"
shops.  Hungarians are known for their fine embroidery
and the flowers stitched on the blouse in the background
are very tradition
Kriszti, Fresh Nővér, and Panni in front of the same shop.
Panni, Behunin Nővér, Fresh Nővér, a local Hungarian
(maybe the shopkeeper), and Butterfield Nővér posing
for a photo.
The Buda "threesome" in front of sculpture in Pest
called Scooter Boy which was done in 2008. There is

a great mix of the old and the new in Budapest.

"I love being a missionary and I love my companions and the Elders here in Buda. We are just like a happy little family and I love it. ...I love laughing and the friendships I have made on my mission so far. The language is hard but I am trying to be more diligent and just not be so hard on myself... I guess I needed something to be hard so the language is it!"

"Sok szeretet!"

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