Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 26 Photos - Buda

In her email today Fresh Nover said: "Last p-day [July 15th] we went on a boat ride down the Duna [the Hungarian name for the Danube River] and let me just tell you that this place I live in is beautiful!!! I am so in love with my life right now here in Buda. I cannot even believe that I get to live this life ... that I am here in this beautiful country, with all of these amazing people, doing this great work! It just blows my mind to see how great and beautiful it all is! My words can not even accurately describe it and pictures really do not do it justice. So ... I guess we will have to take a big family vacation here in a few years!!!"

The Buda District before their boat ride with
the Parliament House in the background.
The Parliament House from the boat.
When it was completed in 1902 it was the largest
parliamentary building in the world.
Fresh  Nővér and Behunin Nővér on the boat ride.
Behunin Nővér goes home in 10 days and Fresh Nővér
is "not too excited for that! I think we should just
be companions for my whole mission! :)))"
Behunin Nővér, Lynch Elder, and Fresh Nővér on the boat.

The next day ...

"Me and the Elders!"
Butterfield Nővér and Fresh Nővér making funny faces!
"How many missionaries can you fit in the elevator???
Lynch Elder is the one looking up... super funny!!!"

On Saturday some of the missionaries in Buda had a lunch appointment ...

Fresh Nővér, Johnson Elder, Judd Elder,
and Butterfield Nővér at lunch.
There was a dog sitting behind Fresh Nővér
and during lunch "the dog farted and then
they all accused me of farting!  Hahaha!
This was the moment when I told them
that it was actually the dog!!!"

The email from Fresh Nővér was later than usual and she explains why ...
"This p-day we did something really adventurous ... we went caving!!! It was so so so fun, but I am so tired right now! Caving is like crawling through caves and tight places and just getting really dirty. It was the best. I was really worried that I would get stuck because I have put on a few pounds, but I didn't! ... So just imagine me in a wild little suit and hard hat with a light on it crawling under the earth!!!  ...  A few of the tight places we had to crawl through were called the sandwich, the birth canal, and the wiggle! It was so good but now my body hurts!!!"

"About to head into the caves!!!"
With Butterfield Nővér
With Judd Elder

"We went in that hole!!!"
With Lynch Elder 

Crawling into the unknown ... 

Budapest is famous for its thermal baths and the same springs that supply the water for the baths also formed caves over millions of years. It is the only capitol city that has natural caves in the middle of the city.

"Me crawling through the Birth Canal!"
Still crawling!!!
The group taking a break!
Waiting for her turn ... "I am the one behind
the person in the dark caving suit."
Judd Elder, Butterfield Nővér, Fresh Nővér,
and Hatfield Elder ... Look at the smiles,
they must be having fun!!!
Behunin Nővér and Fresh Nővér ...
"Look at these cute suits!"
All of the "Cavers" posing for a picture!!! 

Not only does Fresh Nővér have fun doing things on p-day, but she also loves the work she is doing and the investigators they are teaching right now. "My life is these people, and I have some fun mixed in there too!" She said, "We have the best investigators here in Buda!!!" Many of them are progressing as they feel the spirit and grow in faith. She also commented that "I celebrate six months as a missionary tomorrow, and my one year until I leave on Wednesday ... I am kind of not okay with that!"


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