Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 25 Photos - Buda

On a trip from Buda to the "touristy" part of Pest last week the girls stopped for a picture on the Chain Bridge overlooking the Danube River. 

Kriszti , Panni, Fresh Nővér, Behunin Nővér, and
 Nővér sitting on the edge of the bridge.

About these next pictures Fresh Nővér said "This is a good group!" She loves Behunin Nővér and Butterfield Nővér, her sweet companions, and Panni, their wonderful investigator." This is them when they took a bus/walking trip together.

Funny faces ...
And more funny faces!
A picture in the park!
Panni and Fresh Nővér on the bus. "
Panni is the best ... I really love her!"

An embarrassing moment from the week: "I broke a chair! I was going to sit down on a chair and peel my hard boiled egg, but when I was sliding onto it I went right onto the floor. The chair fell too but more violently than I did, and it broke!  My egg didn't crack when I fell, so that was good news!!!

Fresh Nővér is down and the chair is broken ...
The egg, however, is fine!!!

"I cut hair this week, Judd Elder's hair to be specific. Isn't that wild!!! Can you even imagine me cutting hair ... and not just with the buzzers, but also with scissors! It was really scary but I did it and only messed up a little bit! Haha! He was not even mad that I messed up so that was nice. :))"

Judd Elder looks a little nervous!!!

Fresh Nővér has made many friends and had wonderful companions in the MTC and in Hungary. One part of a mission that is constant is change and in her email this week she discussed possible changes. "So everyone thinks I will be leaving Buda next transfer, which is very bitter sweet.  I love Buda and would be happy to stay, but I also want to experience other places and with our mission switching to 9 week transfers I will have less areas to serve in. I have no idea what will happen but that either way I will be happy!!!!

 Behunin Nővér, who goes home at the
end of this transfer, and Fresh
 Nővér ...
"I really am going to miss her. We have
so much fun together."
Butterfield Nővér and Fresh Nővér ...
They keep the work going when Behunin
Nővér is away with her leadership
responsibilities and have had some
great successes!
Messinger Nővér, Nővér, Fresh Nővér, and
Butterfield Nővér all came out of the MTC at the
same time and are still learning Hungarian!!!

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