Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 45 - Veszprém

In her email this week Fresh Nővér commented that "it was Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, so I couldn't help but just find things to be grateful for." She then proceeded to list some of her blessings. Here are a few of them...

"Food:  I ate liver ... I don't know if I told you already, but it was really gross. I ended up just swallowing it whole because it was better than biting it." On a better note ... "We had district meeting and a turkey lunch with the Székes missionaries on Thursday and it was perfect! We had chicken, salad, bread and mashed potatoes with gravy :) I also had McDonalds for dinner so Thanksgiving was a good day!" 

Thanksgiving Day dinner in Hungary!
The missionaries serving in Székesféhervár
 and Veszprém are ready to eat!

"Investigators: First of all because without them we would have to do long hours of finding in the cold... and well we just have some cool ones:) Pál came to church and I think he really will be a member someday soonish ... I really haven't felt like anyone needs the gospel more than him so it's cool teaching him because we can give him what he needs. Tibor is going to be baptized, I feel it! He is super legit and just accepts everything.  We found Viktioria this week and she is super cool and we are really excited about her. ... and all the others too. I'm grateful for them :)"

"Laughing: This is me Hahaha! no matter how much I try and be a serious person I just can't help but laugh through life! This week we were meeting with one of our RCLAs and we were trying to tell them that they spoil us too much but neither of us knew the word for spoil. So we were trying to explain it by saying that people usually call the youngest child this when the parents give them more than the other kids ... Haha! It ended up with all of us just laughing because we had no idea what the other one was saying! Laughing is good :)"

"Languages: We have an investigator from Peru and we are teaching him Hungarian which is interesting. But is the coolest, funniest thing because his English isn't that good and so we just have like 3 languages going on and i just die. Haha! I think its cool though because he sat in on one of our lessons in Hungarian and he had no idea what we talked about and then when he said a prayer in Spanish I had no idea what he said. Languages are just so cool :)  ... and I started learning Spanish..."

"Hola, me llamo hermano Fresh. Soy de California. Tengo vente y dos anos.
Szia, a nevem Fresh nővér. Kaliforniaból jöttem. Huszonkettö éves vagyok.
Hi, my name is sister Fresh. I am from California. I am 22 years old." 

"Ima (Prayer): This week we went on splits with the sister training leaders and as much as I hate splits it was actually really good. I stayed in Vesprém which was the less desirable of the two, and Maxfield got to go to BUDA!!! But anyways I was with Sister Westover ... She talked to me for a long time about prayer and I really liked it because I feel like my prayers are always changing and sometimes they aren't changing in the good way and so it was just a nice reminder to re-evaluate my prayers, and it has been really good :)" 

"Elders: I think they save my life and really help me all the time! For example, there was a giant wasp in our house but it was hiding up in one of our light fixtures and I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep soundly until it was dead. So we called a smart elder friend and he knew just how we could lure the little guy out and well it was pretty dramatic but i am alive and grateful for elders/mission friends that really do become like a family :)"

"and most importantly..."

"YOU: I love you all so much and am so grateful for the love and support and kindness and everything you do for me. I have talked to a lot of people in my mission and it is crazy to me how many people don't have supportive families. I just feel so grateful that I have you all, and that you really are just there cheering me on and think I am cool even though I'm not! So thanks for all you do and I hope all of you know how much I love you and how we are  going to party next thanksgiving when we are together :)"

"Now let the Christmas festivities start :) We set up our tree last night and have a few packages under it too... I think Christmas is the best time to be a missionary because you can just talk about Christ all the time :) It's the best!!!"

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